Rollin’ with my Homies

I can not express my love enough for the Bugaboo 2015 Donkey Twin Stroller. (Click on title of stroller to bring you to details on Amazon.) Deciding which stroller to register for was the hardest thing to do out of everything else. I had no personal recommendation on which one to use and all theContinue reading “Rollin’ with my Homies”

Tribute to the Pieper Twins

Memorial Day is a day to show respect to all of those in service. Today I stumbled upon this fascinating article and could not wait to share it with you guys! High School student, Taylor, was doing a project on D-Day, when she noticed that two brothers died on the Landing Ship Tank 523 ,Continue reading “Tribute to the Pieper Twins”

14 weeks, 98 days, 2352 hours

The first trimester felt like an eternity. I was super excited about bringing not one but two babies in to the world, although my body was telling me otherwise. I was sick every morning. I wanted to eat all the time but hated everything. If my husband made eye contact with me the devil wasContinue reading “14 weeks, 98 days, 2352 hours”