Grandparents – the real MVP’s

Let’s face it , being pregnant is a beautiful and exciting time in our lives but it also gets hard to navigate at times. I am the kind of personality that runs in circles and likes things a certain way. I was solely in charge of dinner, laundry, cleaning, and working. My husband always offersContinue reading “Grandparents – the real MVP’s”

Does anyone need a landscaper?

As I expressed in my last post, I have lost visual of my feet. With the loss of my feet , I also lost my vagina. With Memorial Day around the corner and the pool opening up I was very concerned about an unkept bikini line. Unfortunately, I do not have current access to anyContinue reading “Does anyone need a landscaper?”

14 weeks, 98 days, 2352 hours

The first trimester felt like an eternity. I was super excited about bringing not one but two babies in to the world, although my body was telling me otherwise. I was sick every morning. I wanted to eat all the time but hated everything. If my husband made eye contact with me the devil wasContinue reading “14 weeks, 98 days, 2352 hours”

From Conceiving to Believing

Like most , my husband and I absolutely love Christmas. During the holiday season in 2019, and after being married for one and a half years, we have decided it was time to start our family. Hearing Michael Buble on the radio singing Christmas tunes was a real mood setter for me. My periods wereContinue reading “From Conceiving to Believing”