Braxton Hicks, Holy Shit !

I can not stress enough to please please please drink a ton of water!!!!!!! Today started week 24 of my pregnancy and I woke up with very intense stomach pain. It was hard for me to think straight during this amount of discomfort, but I quickly remembered that dehydration is a main factor to thisContinue reading “Braxton Hicks, Holy Shit !”

Pregnancy Purchases

There are a few products I have tested out during my pregnancy that I absolutely loved and wanted to share with you! There have been many minor things getting in the way of me feeling my absolute best during pregnancy, but with every little set back, there has been a product to get me throughContinue reading “Pregnancy Purchases”

Tribute to the Pieper Twins

Memorial Day is a day to show respect to all of those in service. Today I stumbled upon this fascinating article and could not wait to share it with you guys! High School student, Taylor, was doing a project on D-Day, when she noticed that two brothers died on the Landing Ship Tank 523 ,Continue reading “Tribute to the Pieper Twins”

A walk through my Registry

I was looking forward to going to Buy Buy Baby and registering in person , but due to the stores being closed, I had to do my whole registry from the couch. Before I dove in, I made sure I had all the advice I can possibly get from other twins moms, read books withContinue reading “A walk through my Registry”