Organized Chaos!

Designating help is definitely a conversation to be had before the babies come, not while they are here. We can already see it now while being pregnant, the kind of people in our life who just take charge and those who need to be told. Either works, but opposite extremes can be hard to figureContinue reading “Organized Chaos!”

3 strikes and you’re out !

The third trimester, what a whirlwind of emotion. I can not say it is the funnest trimester, but I am super excited to meet these babies soon, so I guess we will call it bitter sweet … The sleeping has been harder, I believe it is the body preparing me for the fact that IContinue reading “3 strikes and you’re out !”

You say sugar, I say SUGAH

Here is my story and my struggle with gestational diabetes. When I went for the first test , I obviously googled different symptoms you would get if you had diabetes which were overly tired, constant urination, thirsty mouth, etc. I did not feel any of these. Truly, knock on wood, I still don’t feel pregnantContinue reading “You say sugar, I say SUGAH”

Having Physical Control of your Body!

I have this medical book for pregnancy and it suggested that during your pregnancy you should do physical therapy. In the beginning I wasn’t super in to it because I was still able to do my 30 minute walks and I had no physical pain. So, 2 1/2 months in to my second trimester wentContinue reading “Having Physical Control of your Body!”