Double T

The double T stand for either training or teaching, which ever way you prefer to look at this. I taught my kids how to sleep. Now, every momma has to do what is best for them and I agree with any method or way you choose to get your kid to sleep so that you can too.

My babies are 5 1/2 months and I felt like now is the time to teach them how to self soothe. They were great sleepers and then out of nowhere got to dependent on their swings and me running in every time they made a sound. I was up all night popping the pacifier in to their mouth only for them to spit it right back out. At this point I knew, they were confused and did not know how to put themselves to sleep. I started with training them in the day by only giving them their naps in the crib. This was getting a little better but still wasn’t the trick. I then decided it was time for the crying out method ( the Ferber method). I chose this one because you check in with your baby periodically so they are not just locked in the room screaming their head off.

Before I proceed, there are some things I wasn’t to emphasize. If you are going to sleep teach / train your kids, it should not take longer than 7 days. Since it isn’t a long amount of time, I suggest you stay home and commit. If you are not a stay at home mom, either get someone who is super on board, or make this a vacation week. Persistence is key, one small set back can cause you to start over. I have the nannit baby monitor, this tracks their sleeping throughout the night that you can look back on in the morning. The monitor also has an app so if you are not home, you can watch and make sure babies are being put down the bed the right way.

If you are intrigued by the Ferber method, here is a link that explains the process ..

Here is an example on the process of this method, this is the night before I started teaching my boys. The red is every single time I approached the crib. Between the two of them, I was there 16 times.

YIKES !!!!!

This is how our night went three days in to training. I put the babies to bed at 7:20pm and did not approach the bed until 5:45am. The yellow are times where they woke up and soothed themselves back to sleep without my assistance. After their 5:45am bottle, I put them back in to their cribs and they slept until 8! This became our new schedule.


Following a good bed time routine came three constant nap times. Having a predictable is super helpful when it comes to getting my own stuff accomplished. It is also nice to throw in those moments of relaxation and silence. Since all three of us are sleeping, during our wakes times we are happy and enjoy the most out of our time together.

Another huge personal plus to teaching your kids how to sleep, is the time you get back with your husband. We both lost each other for a bit. We were hopping in and out of bed at all different times between work and the babies, it was beginning to be rare that we were together. When I started sleeping on the couch in the nursery, I knew things had to change. Now we put the babies down to bed at 7 and we have the whole night to ourselves. Every night becomes date night, and simply hitting the pillow at the same times makes a world of a difference. After the morning bottle, I get back in to bed and we even have some time then to wake up together in silence. I believe that the relationship my husband and I have is the foundation of the family, and I am so happy we have found each other again in the beautiful chaos of our baby boys.


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