Wish I could read your mind, little one.

My kids have totally teased me and I knew my time would eventually come, and here we are. The four month sleep regression .. or maybe teeth .. or maybe their eczema. About two weeks ago the kids started giving me a very long stretch through the night. I would put them down at 8 and they would wake up at 5 for a quick bottle and back down till about 8/9am. It was fantastic and I was so proud of them. As fast as this new milestone came , is as fast as it went.

I started reading up on the regression to better understand why it happens. They said, put your children to bed drowsy but awake because if they fall asleep in your arms but then wake up in their bed , they wonder how they got there and feel out of place. This didn’t really apply to my kids since they have been putting themselves to sleep for a long time now. Then I continued to read , and with all of their new developments and ever growing mind, it sets them back with their sleep but the stage doesn’t last super long. It is exciting that my kids are growing and learning , I just wish I did not have to be punished for it aha.

My next concern is the teeth. They seem to be putting more objects in their mouth like rattles or their whole fist ( impressive. ) The drooling is also excessive, every once in a while they let out this pathetic cough to break up the mucus. The amount of bibs we go through is unreal, I cant stand the thought of a wet neck. The teething has not fully affected them in a way where they can not eat , they chug the bottles down like its no ones business and eat their oatmeal like champs. Not to be graphic but the poop diapers are also pretty consistent to once a day, no diarrhea, and no fever. All in all I do not think this is what is keeping them up at night. It was not until last night at 11 am my poor little Nicky was screaming his head off I had to get down to the bottom of this. As I tended to Nicky, my husband took care of Anthony. Since Anthony was not in pain , we tried working on the sleep regression with him. I took advice from my cousin and did not give Anthony a middle of the night bottle. He woke up at 4am and my husband Binky popped him for 15 mins without picking him up and he fell asleep again until 6:30am, it worked!

As for Nicky, I coddled the hell out him. With his first round of throwing a fit , I tried mylicon drops for gas , teething gel, and Tylenol. All seemed temporary, none of it was a fix. I stayed right next to him all night and held him any time I heard a noise. He threw one more fit at 4am and thats when I knew I would go to the pediatrician before the dermatologist to rule out any ear or throat infection etc. When we went to the doctor everything looked great no signs of infection anywhere. We then went to the dermatologist and she prescribed a new lotion that worked wonders. I put the babes down to bed at 8 and they woke up at 6:30 ! I did have to apply lotion quickly to Nicky at 1:20 am when he looked uncomfortable and he was immediately back to bed by 2.

Now the whole point of the blog is this. You have a happy baby who is now screaming in your face in the middle of the night and you are trying to figure it out and you also do not want to wake brother and daddy. As a new mother your mind starts to think crazy. I at one point assumed his organs were bursting or he cut the cornea of his eyeball with his little nail and was going to be blind. I am not even a nervous type and there I was with my mind going to the darkest places. How can someone so small cause so much fright. When at the end of the day it was just some dry skin. ( I thank god through and through ) I could not stop thinking of mothers who suffer with their kids illnesses and how strong they are to be tough for them. I can not tell you how I felt to wake up to my comfortable smiley babies. Motherhood is one big game of problem solving. My newest adventure will be creating a new day/nap schedule since they have dropped a night time bottle. Forever changing, forever growing, forever grateful.

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