Mommas Boot Camp

I recently posted on my Instagram that I needed new blog post ideas and a couple of people were curious about the routine I have the twinnies on ( if any ) day or night. I was excited about this one because not only is there a routine, I have a militant one in place and I have so many feelings towards it.

For the first month of Anthony and Nicholas’ life we were basically in survival mode. My goal was to pump around the clock and to feed them constantly. In between feedings all they did was sleep. There wasn’t much of a schedule going on. We were all about just getting them to grow and at least double in size by their first month check up. I did minor things like make sure the house was loud while the babies napped since day one. I would talk loud (naturally), play music, watch t.v., allowed my dog to bark, and any thing else I can think of. This allowed for them to self soothe back to sleep if they were woken up by any noise. Now that they are older and I take them out, they easily nap at other peoples houses and are unaffected by sounds. I also played around with a lot of different swaddles in the first month. I used swaddle me during the day which gave their arms more movement, and a tight Velcro swaddle for the night time. The babies were a month early, I felt like because they should still be in my womb, to swaddle them a lot would be helpful and it was.

The second month was a very fun month for me. This is the time I took to really study the babies. I listened to their cries , studied their eyes, and looked at their body movements. I know that sounds creepy but since there are two babies I really do not have the time to guess what the problem is when they are upset. At this point they also had more awake times in between feedings and were more alert. This is when I started with the play mat and tummy time. Still , majority of the day was spent sleeping. At this point , me and my husband put the babies to bed in the bassinet whenever we would decide to go to sleep. Once they were put down they would give us 4-5 hours of sleep at night. As exhausting as this was I still did not mind the around the clock feeding. These babies just needed to grow and my job right now is to allow them to do so.

So far month three has been my favorite!! We have got the little bambinos to 15 pounds each ( they started at 5 pounds ) and we now have developed a schedule. Once I learned what my babies needed by the sound of their cry or the look in their eye.. how to operate their day got a lot easier. They eat 5 ounces every three hours. After they are done eating, they stay awake for about another 30-45 mins and then they go right back to sleep. I take that half hour to tire them out with the play mat, tummy time, nursery rhymes, books, activity chair, or me kissing them all over their face. Their morning and afternoon cat naps are usually in the swing and their long afternoon nap is in the doc a tot. I also usually love to go places during their long nap because they will sleep the whole time and I can enjoy myself or get a lot accomplished if I am running errands ! We also established a strict bedtime routine that happens within the hour of 7/8 o clock. We give them their last bottle change their diaper and read them the mama and dada book. I ALWAYS put the babies down drowsy not asleep. They have learned to self soothe so if they wake themselves up in the middle of the night they do not need me to help them back to sleep. At this point they are giving us a 8-9 hour stretch. Since they go down early they wake up for a bottle around 4am and then go back to sleep until 8. This has been working so far but every Wednesday ( I don’t know why Wednesday aha) I evaluate their schedule and tweek it.

Twins are a blessing and a curse when it comes to routine. I have to be more strict than most moms if I want to keep my sanity. I also had to train these babies to act as though they are one baby and do everything together at the same time ( eat,play,nap,etc) It was easy to sleep train the both since I am unable to rock my babies to sleep because I am outnumbered by them. I do miss the tender moments of having my baby sleep in my arms and look angelic, but if one baby is sleeping in my arms where is the other one? The other baby is probably in the swing by themself and now I have mom guilt. So at night when dad is around we are sure to add baby cuddles to the day. Another tricky thing about having a routine is dictating one. My babies are very good babies, but they are because they thrive off of the structure that was built for them. Once their day is slightly different they get a little fidgety. This means that I have to trust whoever is watching to really understand what I do and try and replicate the day. Again, if I had one, I could be a little more lax, but with two, I do not have the time for damage control. At the end of the day I am a huge fan of routine. I can easily make plans around their nap times, tell people the best times to come over for when they are awake , and even fit in time for myself to get stuff done like cooking , laundry, and just some personal me time without feeling burned out. We have a great flow going that I know will constantly be evolving and changing as they grow and develop.

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