The Best things come in TWO!

We have made it to two months with the twins! Every small victory feels like a winning touchdown. In the beginning everyone would tell me ” just wait until you hit that six week mark, it is a game changer.” They were right! The first couple of weeks the twinnies were eating every two hours and I had to keep up with the pumping around the clock. I was surviving off of the hype of the new mom energy. My babies also weighed 5 pounds when they came home from the hospital so all I really wanted to do was feed them.

Here we are, two months later and the little bambinos doubled in size and we fell in to some sort of schedule. They eat more in one sitting and have been able to hold off for four hours in between feedings during the day and seven at night, therefore the pumping became a lot less. Instead of multiple times a day for 15 minutes, it is now about 4 times a day for 30 minutes and one time during the night.

My favorite thing to do with my babies has been bath time. Baby acne and cradle crap really started to come in to action in this month. It was such an eye sore, I would go to take a picture of my babies in their cute outfits and they would be laying there with this blotchy red face. (still cute though) This is when I discovered the power of aquaphor. Keeping the skin super moisturized help to get rid of all the red dry patches on their cheeks. I noticed it would also act up with the crisp air when we went for walks, so I started putting it on right before we left the house. Their dry scalp was another problem we had to nip in the butt! After every bath (every other night) I would rub baby oil on the scalp and take a fine tooth comb and keep combing to lift any of the dry skin. I did this for about a week and they were good to go! Now I am working on little Nicky’s clogged tear duct. Every morning the kid wakes up super crusty. I have taken warm water and a cotton ball to clean it, used my breast milk to cure it, and have massaged it to break it up. So far it seems better but is still an issue, open to any advice from all the mommas out there!

My biggest issue this month, and I have a feeling will be for a long time, is giving up control. In the beginning everyone was complimenting me on how calm and cool I was with the babies and letting everyone do their thing with them. I am still trying my best to be that way but now that they are a little older with more of a schedule I am internally extremely anal. I have even seen myself even wanting them fed a certain way. This is extremely hard when you have two babies. I have to give up the control because I personally can not do every single thing for the two of them and this is where the mom guilt comes in.

My little Nicky is already a mommas boy. When he gets super tired he gets fussy and needs all of my attention, when over in the corner, Anthony is falling asleep at the dime of a hat. Since he needs less of me, I find myself always tending to Nicholas. One day, I picked Anthony up to relax and cuddle with him on the couch and have some mommy time with him. I was about five minutes and 275 kisses in when Nicholas started flipping out. Balancing the affection for two is going to be a new game I will constantly be playing.

All in all, I am loving every minute with these boys. My favorite product still going for the babies are the swaddles. It has been getting them to relax and know the difference from day to night. They have been sleeping like angels. I wake up once in the middle of the night to change their diapers and pump. My worst moment so far, is when I sat for 30 minutes pumping and then dropped one of the bottles of milk in the sink. I was too numb and too tired to even cry. I sat my ass down and pumped all over again.

Every day is a busy day when you have twins, they come and go so fast. I already miss my little preemie babies but I love the new developments in my babies today. I look forward to what is to come but also want to stay in the present moment forever. Being a mother so far is a title I am so blessed to have and even though my life before them was not to long ago … I can not remember it.

Left : Anthony Right: Nicholas

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