Post Natal Pilates!

I am a join the gym junkie! Before pregnancy, I have tried , CKO, Retro Fitness, Equinox, Yoga studios, Orange theory. I also ran a 10 mile race and used to bike to work from Queens to Brooklyn. Basically, you name it, I tried it. When I became pregnant, I assumed I was going to be one of those types that continued to work out. My first trimester I felt so sick and so exhausted, it was a struggle to get off the couch. My workout those three months were taking a shower.

Then we entered the second trimester, I was feeling great and was like now is the time for me to pick up with my exercising. To bad it was the heart of corona and doing anything physical with a mask on felt a little rough.

Along came the third trimester, please, I was so big that carrying the weight of two babies made me feel like a body builder. I basically couldn’t wait for the day I was able to move freely again, I just was never sure how I was going to inch back in to it.

Then I fell upon East River Pilates online classes. I have been to their studio before and always admired the class that was before mine. New moms would bring their infants, place them on a boppy pillow and do their whole pilates class! Unfortunately, that couldn’t be me due to the times but I am now allowed to do it from the comfort of my own home! Not only that, the classes are pre – recorded ! Right when I put my little nuggets down for a nap I log on real quick and get 30 minutes in ! My kids have become a little more alert to , sometimes they sit on the mat next to me and watch mommy move around.

I always loved the feeling of a good workout, now as a new mother, I love it even more! I have never been more proud of what my body went through between pregnancy and birth. I felt stronger than ever and I want to continue to give my body only the best ! Those thirty minutes are also a great reboot of energy when I start to feel low.

PS – For all of those who are currently pregnant they have pre natal pilates, and for anyone who is neither pre or post natal, they have regular mat pilates and cardio! The fee is $75 monthly, unlimited classes ( pre- recorded and live zoom), for a month by month membership.

little Nicky cheering momma on!

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