One Month Mark

We made it to the one month mark with the twinnies! I was sure at this point it would feel like I was parenting for a lifetime, but the one month feels like one week, even with everything that happened in between. There have been things that came natural, things that I have learned, a whole new test to me and my husbands relationship, and many more!

Let’s start with all of the things that just become normal when you are a parent of newborns. Pajamas have become my new staple wardrobe. The first week I came back from the hospital my good friend and her mother sent me a great pair of pajamas, and I take them off to wash them quickly and right back on they go. I am either pumping, feeding, cuddling, changing diapers, or taking pictures.. with all of that, comfort is key. When I would get dressed up for doctors appointments, I would feel like a movie star. A very little bit of lipstick went a long way.

Another thing that just becomes normal, whenever I would heat up food to eat, or make myself a cup of coffee , one of the kids would be hollering for me, therefore, I only eat/drink things room temperature, and I do not even care. Just happy to be eating.

Speaking of eating.. WOW the hunger you feel when your body is pumping milk out for two is unreal. I eat when I get the chance which means I have the weirdest meals at the weirdest times of the day. I have been living off of protein bars since they are easy to grab and do not need to be heated. Pumping milk for my two babies is also a job that has become comical. I take my portable pump, hook it up to my nipples, and walk around aimlessly doing anything else that needs to be done. More times than not I have been in a rush and the bottles have not been fully tightened on to the pump. This would cause my overflowing milk to spill and I would have breast milk all over me. There is also random splashes of breast milk all over the house. You know where I have been at all times, its gross. Forget sleeping with no bra on, unless you want to wake up with a soaked shirt.

Since we started to get nasty, I am going to hop on the diaper changing game. I used to go very slow changing my boys diapers in the beginning since they were so fragile and their legs would still cross in that weird fetal way, it was hard for me to get in there. One night I was standing there naked ( I could not sleep with clothes on due to the hormone sweats) and I was changing Anthony and boom there he goes , he starts peeing. Instead of me covering him up real quick, I just stood there and let him pee all over me out of sheer exhaustion. Now that I got my shit together and I have that diaper changed faster than the wind, so very rarely is there pee involved. Since my babies poop so much due to the breast milk, most diaper changes I put a little desitin on their butt cracks. That desitin is forever under my fingernails.

The spit up. I have no words for this. It does not happen too often, but when it does , it looks as though my baby is going through an exorcism. They are smiling one minute and purging the next. I have had remnants of their spit up on me all day and sometimes haven’t even noticed until it was time for me to change. When it comes, it comes quick, and there is no dodging that bullet.

My bambinos were so tiny when they came back from the hospital, they ate so little but very often, in order to bulk up. Daddy was home for the first two weeks so we were doing the night shifts together. I have to say, we really did work good together as a team. Whenever we heard one of the babies stirring, we would both jump up at the same time, grab a kid, and get going. During the third night, dad was starting to get a little too comfortable and would take the baby one handed, use his chin to feed them with the bottle and walk to the bathroom to pee with his other hand. When daddy went back to work, I decided to tackle the night feedings on my own. This is when I decided to latch the babies at night so I can feed the both at the same time. This was short lived when I could not see what they were eating and would have to feed them both at all different times. All a trial and error. Now they wake up three times, a half hour apart from each other. I feed one and change them, move on to the second baby, pump, and then go to bed. It has been working, and I haven’t felt dead yet.

All in all, we have made it through the first month, and it has been a good time. This was a crucial month for me to study my babies and see what they like and do not like and a whole lot of trying different things. Now that we have discovered their personalities, it has made things easier. I am also more than sure that the second we feel comfortable in knowing what they like, they will start to completely change and challenge us all over again.

Daddy and I have never understood each other more when it comes to a personal level. I was not sure what kind of toll having two babies would take on our relationship but it has made us closer than ever. We parent the same and share a very special dynamic. Our hands are full, but our hearts are even fuller!

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