Season Two : HERE COMES TWO!

You can plan to become pregnant , plan to find out the gender, plan a baby shower, plan on how you and your husband will grow financially as a family , but you can not plan on how your babies will enter the world. There are the two main ways , vaginal and c-section, and millions of woman had either or and have had a million different experiences. I am going to tell you about mine, it was not fun, it was not the goal, and this isn’t to scare you, but to let you know, get ready for it all, while keeping in mind the most beautiful outcome will be your baby ( or babies ).

So, I was 35 weeks pregnant and my swelling started to really kick in. For an example, I sent a picture to my coworker and she described them as ninja turtle feet. This was spot on. So my mom is driving me to my hospital scan , I did not feel any different other than being very tired, but hey, I was 35 weeks pregnant with twins, what did I expect. I went through my fetal scan and my stress test and everything was great. My mom on the other hand was texting me up a storm to get my blood pressure checked because she did not like the way I looked before going in to doctor. I amused her , I got it checked…. it was 178/86 – within in the half hour, I was admitted in to the hospital and told I was not leaving without babies. Just like that, I developed preeclampsia and had no idea.

So now, my mom is waiting out doors and I had to text her to leave and meet my husband home so he can grab bags and come to the hospital ( I could not take the chance he would forget anything in the last minute panic state) . During this, they are asking me a million questions while throwing a hospital gown at me and I am trying everything in me not to cry because I was scared, confused, and alone. I could not grasp the concept that I was having babies, I was supposed to be going to the diner for a BLT.

Once I was admitted in to my room, they started inducing labor. This was all going very quickly and once reality set in that I was having these babies, I was very in to it. They gave me a drink to get my cervix more effaced and a balloon in my cervix to also help soften my cervix and get me more dilated. Five hours later my water started breaking and we were at 5 centimeters ! The best part of it all, I did not feel once ounce of pain ! It was a super smooth process thus far and I could not get over it. Now things are moving along quickly so I started to get the epidural. ( Wise if you are having a multiple pregnancy incase you start pushing baby A out and then baby B flips and you need a last minute c-section.) Now, I am really feeling no pain, I even told my husband to get some shut eye before I have to push. My nurse told me to let them know if I feel any pressure, in the meantime, gave me Pitocin to amp up my contractions.

They started enhancing my labor at 2pm.. it was now 3:00am and I started feeling a bit of pressure and asked if they can check my dilation. BOOM! Nurse reaches in , feels the umbilical cord hanging out of my vagina and I am rushed to the OR! They started immediately suiting up my husband and told me they need to get the babes out asap! I was bummed because I was excited to push, especially since I was feeling no pain, but the severity of the situation called for an operation and of course I was on board. Now I am in the OR and they keep going to cut me open and I was feeling it ! So they had to put me out for the surgery within one minute and my husband had to leave the room. Therefore, we both missed the birth of our children. Thankfully, they found the cord hanging out at 3am and the kids were out of my womb by 3:17am.

On Thursday, August 13th, Nicholas was born at 3:16am weighing 5 pounds and 6 ounces, and Anthony was born 3:17am, weighing 6 pounds and 3 ounces. Big boys for 35 weeks ! Mom was proud. Mom was also confused because she was told all of the information while coming out of being put under. I was also being told to keep breathing and since I still had a numb body, I could not feel my lungs and rib cage and assumed I was dying as my levels were perfect. My husband was laughing at me.

I am back to life! Time to see my babies ! False, the kids were in the NICU being monitored because of their early gestation, and because of COVID there were visitation hours. Since I was still in recovery, Nick was able to go to first appointment, he had to meet his kids for the first time alone. I was patiently waiting for my appointment that night at 7. It wasn’t until they took my pressure, it was still high so they had to put me on the magnesium drip to keep the pressure down. This caused me to be unable to leave the bed since I was a fall risk, and I was not allowed to meet my kids. I gave birth to two beautiful boys and have yet to feel like a mother.

For an extremely wordy person, I can not even begin to explain what it was like to see my children the next morning. I had to go see them one at a time because they were in separate NICU’s. I had my special moment with each kid and everything else went numb around me. I would stare in to the eyes of each of my boys and I have never felt more proud. These boys are mine, they are beautiful, and they are going to fill my heart a little more every day for the rest of my life.

I had to continue my stay at the hospital that Saturday when my pressure still wasn’t going down and I developed an infection that gave me a fever. It wasn’t until Saturday night that I had both my boys with me, it took Anthony a little longer to graduate from NICU. When I finally got to hold my babies in my arms together at the same time, there was nothing else that mattered to me. After all of the turbulence we hit, my family was now all together.

Sunday morning at 6am, the doctor told me I was getting discharged. My kiddos got their shit together, momma got her shit together, and we were going home! Daddy was so excited to pack up the car and bring up the carseats. I could not help but cry like a little baby ( no pun intended) when we walked out of the hospital. I had my husband , I had my kids, I had the world. I have been enjoying my little family with every passing minute, I am the luckiest, that this is now my life.

2 thoughts on “Season Two : HERE COMES TWO!

  1. Wow! Such an incredible story – only proves what a strong woman you are! So proud of you my friend!! Can’t wait to watch you be the best mother ever ❤️❤️❤️


  2. You should put this all in a book and publish it!! True life experience! But, looking at your beautiful babies, it’s so worth any pain or discomfort! I hope you got your BLT after all this!


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