Hospital Bag Checklist!

Today we are gearing up and packing the hospital bag! On Wednesday, I will be 32 weeks pregnant, I still have 6 more weeks to go, but since there are two in there, it is better to be safe than sorry! Also, it is something so fun for me to do as my feet swell and the heat becomes overwhelming. I have been researching for quite some time now on what to put in the hospital bag because it is my favorite thing to give as a gift at a baby shower. The only thing that I have to keep in mind is, me and hubby are on lockdown mode there, so he also needs a bag. My sister-in-law also gifted me with photographer pics at the hospital so the kiddos have to be photoshoot ready ! I will be packing my bag , kiddos bag , daddy’s bag, and snack bag ( so daddy does not pass out). Here is a list of what is going in each!

Mommas Bag !

  • I love the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage – $60 on Amazon and $20 in BJ’s, score! This luggage looks super small on the outside but has a million compartments on the inside to stay organized. I call it my momma clown bag. It is also on wheels, love that.
  • Nursing gowns with matching robes. It is important to stay comfortable and let your little cookie down below breathe. The nursing gowns are also great if you are taking the breast feeding route because, just like the bras, you can easily unhook and feed. The sets are also super cute ! My best friend got me the cutest set from the Jessica Simpson Maternity line!
    – Grippy socks. Just like hospital socks but cuter. I have a great pair that will read ” I will be a mama today” while my feet are up in the stirrups, and a couple of others for the rest of the stay.
  • Toiletries – I went right to the travel section in CVS so that they were small and easy to pack ! Shampoo , conditioner , bobby pins, hair ties, lip balm, lotion, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant , and dry shampoo if you can not shower right away.
  • make-up bag ( not sure I will be in the mood for this but I will keep my options open)
  • For the nursing moms – disposable nursing pads ( once I am hope I will use washable nursing pads) , breast feeding pillow, and a water jug. I have been drinking out of my gallon jug off of amazon that I wrote about in my previous post, that I will continue with to keep up my milk supply. I am going to bring my pump also, for some guidance from a lactation consultant.
  • Extra bag for dirty clothes and another extra bag to steal every single thing they offer you.
  • The hospital will provide mesh undies that are apparently dreamy.
  • Lap top to FaceTime, since no one is allowed to hang with me.
  • Belly band
  • Extra long iPhone charger to reach the bed.
  • Always Infinity Flex Foam Pads , again the hospital will give you pads but these are extra comfy.
  • Be sure to purchase the Frida Mom After Care for your vaggy box! It will come with cooling vaginal pads , peri bottle , witch hazel foam and many more !
  • Have your i.d., insurance card, and any other additional paper work.
  • Going home outfit! Comfort is key , but you can still look cute – you are a milf now after all!

Bambino’s Bag !!!! ( the best part )

The bag I am bringing all of their stuff in is their diaper bag. They won’t need that much since the hospital supplies a lot, but I wanted their big bag with me so that I can continue to steal everything the hospital is willing to give me!

  • Cute swaddles
  • Going home outfit. Always remember when it comes to dressing a baby to go outside, dress them like you and add one layer.
  • Hats and mittens
  • Infant car seat strapped and ready to go.
  • For my twin moms, the snap and go double stroller is great for the beginning stages. We are walking in with all of this luggage, and now walking out with our two babies added on! It will be the easiest to just roll them out in their snap and go and car seat and then transfer them right in to the car.
  • The hospital will also give you an envelope with all of their medical papers. Once home and they continue to go to the pediatrician for check – ups , I have a medical binder to keep all of their information organized.
  • Another tip for twin moms, the hospital bracelet will say their name but then they are swaddled. Instead of making life hard, you can purchase personalized name hats and swaddles on etsy! These are also cute for single baby.

** Before you pack their clothes , be sure to wash them in dreft. I also washed my own clothes in dreft since they will be all up on momma while they are feeding !

Daddy’s Bag ( the easiest one )

My husband asked me what he was supposed to put in his bag. I told him to pack for a long weekend vacation. Now, giving birth is nothing in comparison to a vacation in my eyes, but for him .. he needs to be comfortable but have some nice outfits in there for his first pic with his sons. Since daddy can not leave once he is checked in, he will also need a toiletry bag. Very similar to mine with the essentials but I will let him pick out what he thinks he will need. He will need comfortable clothes to sleep in and also some grippy socks. Those hospital floors are a tripping hazard. Last on the list , he will want to bring his pillow. I will make sure the pillowcase is anything but white so that it does not get messed up with the hospital laundry.

Snack Bag

  • cliff bars
  • gatorade
  • happy mama bars for nursing moms (after birth snack)
  • water bottles
  • chocolates ( for the caffeine)
  • he also thinks he is throwing dried sausage in there …

This bag is not the most necessary, but nothing scares me more than a hungry man.

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