Organized Chaos!

Designating help is definitely a conversation to be had before the babies come, not while they are here. We can already see it now while being pregnant, the kind of people in our life who just take charge and those who need to be told. Either works, but opposite extremes can be hard to figure out while we are trying to feed our babies and keep them alive. I also never knew how to ask for help, I know as a mom I will learn, but its going to take me a while. In the meantime, here is a chore chart that Twiniversity has on their website! I am going to hang this bad boy up once a day, this way there will be a flow without designating one! One less job for momma!

On top of being organized with the help, we need to be organized with the babies! We have to track their every poop, pee, and bottle feedings! There are so many methods to do so, but for me, I created a binder of printed out pages, also taken from the god given website

Once we are all organized, we are ready to enjoy our babies!!! We will give ourselves time to enjoy the outfit changes , the thousand pictures, and sharing them with family and friends! Kids are a job, every job has a system, and with every great job is an even greater reward!

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