got MILK?

My boobs are fortune tellers. When I first became pregnant.. they were super sore on a whole new level. They basically told me I was having two kids instead of one. About a couple of weeks ago my boobs starting getting super sore again and I knew these bad boys were getting in the mood to feed.

So, this morning I am peeing, I do not know what gave me the urge to squeeze my nipple, but I did and this milky white substance came out. I was immediately excited that I am producing the goods early on and that there are no clogged ducts, since I plan on giving breast feeding a whirl.

After I sent pics of my nipples to everyone asking them if they wanted milk with their coffee, I decided to do more research. Well actually, I wiped, flushed, and then did more research.

Here is the deal, my body is getting ready for the babies, my future telling titties know the kids are on their way. This is just as exciting as it is nerve wracking. What is building up in my breasts is called colostrum. This has a high level of antibodies which fight off infections in the kids and build up their immune system. It is advised to collect the colostrum while still pregnant with a syringe, but only towards the end of pregnancy ( week 36 ). Doing any sort of nipple stimulation beforehand can lead to cramping and pre term labor. Nipple stimulation ( such as breast feeding ) also causes cramping which shrinks the uterus back to its normal size, big plus !

P.S… funny story

-I was wearing a t-shirt bodysuit under my romper today that I needed my mom to button since I can not reach my crotch anymore. Every time I went to the bathroom I was pushing my bodysuit and my underwear to the side the way I would do in a bathing suit so that there was no need to re snap. I went to pee towards the end of the day and I noticed my undies were soaking wet! I immediately assumed my amniotic fluid was leaking. I changed in to my pajamas and put on new dry underwear to see if anything else was going to leak out. After a while I realized I was remaining dry and there was no more leakage. Turns out, when I moved my bodysuit to the side, I really just peed all over myself, no water breaking !! Having barely any reach down there and 0 vision, no more bodysuits for me!

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