3 strikes and you’re out !

The third trimester, what a whirlwind of emotion. I can not say it is the funnest trimester, but I am super excited to meet these babies soon, so I guess we will call it bitter sweet …

The sleeping has been harder, I believe it is the body preparing me for the fact that I will probably never sleep again aha. As a mom, I don’t think one will ever have that clear headed sound a sleep feeling they once had. My little bambino on the top loves to stick his butt so high up in the air that it pulls my belly to the right and causes a sharp pain in the left side of my back. I also have to re set my fingers in the middle of every night because they are locked. I only get up to pee twice a night which is not bad so far, but I anticipate that getting worse. I also have another baby in there that enjoys head butting my bladder when I stand up.

My energy is fully there, but my bodies capability to keep up is lost. I am trying every which way to enjoy my days but I do have times where I completely crash. I used to try fighting it, now I do not, it is time for the naps to start coming in to play for sure.

I have also never had swelling until now, I have noticed if I push myself there is extra fluid in my feet. This is a common pregnancy symptom called edema. At the end, your body fluid increases so that it can keep up with the growing baby. The fluid increases in your tissues, which then increases your blood flow. It is super common to see this swelling in your feet, ankles, and hands. Once you have noticed these symptoms sit down and elevate that body part. Be cautious to drink a ton of water, and if you were having that little bit of caffeine a day , get rid of it. Switch the caffeine out with potassium. If you are pregnant in the summer like me , try your best to stay cooled off. enjoy your time either in the air conditioner or the pool! You also have to scale back on the sodium. Alongside scaling back on the sodium , if you have developed diabetes at this point, or not .. you have to scale back on the sugar. Your hormone levels that produce insulin will only continue to increase towards the end.

Here are the best parts.. because there is always a silver lining. It has been so cool to see my kids body parts pop out of my stomach unexpectedly. There is nothing like my babies making their presence known! Since there was no baby shower, I also love that everyone has been popping up and giving their gifts and keeping me company. My most favorite part of it all , is getting their arrival ready. We have put together the stroller, bassinet, play pen, and have washed all of their newborn clothes. This week we are going to pick out their furniture. Since there are two kiddos so anything can happen at this point, I will be packing a hospital bag soon too! I am so happy that these boys are growing and flourishing but I also CAN NOT WAIT to see their little faces! Let the countdown begin!

One thought on “3 strikes and you’re out !

  1. You look beautiful and you are doing great! August full moon Nicky & Anthony might be getting ready to make their entrance!

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