You say sugar, I say SUGAH

Here is my story and my struggle with gestational diabetes. When I went for the first test , I obviously googled different symptoms you would get if you had diabetes which were overly tired, constant urination, thirsty mouth, etc. I did not feel any of these. Truly, knock on wood, I still don’t feel pregnant at all. What I was a little nervous about was the sweet tooth I developed during my pregnancy and how this can effect my blood work.

When I went for my first test I scored 150 which made them call me back for the three hour test. I didn’t let anyone know because I didn’t want to have a conversation about it until I had the results of the three hour test. My sister-in-law scored a 175 on her first test and her second test was fine , therefore I was more than sure I was in the clear. I did not fast for the first test and was told to fast for the second one. I took my first test on Monday and went back for the second one asap that Thursday. On Friday they called me and said I had gestational diabetes. What upset me the most was how the nurse practitioner sounded as if she was delivering a death sentence. Another problem I was facing, was that I still didn’t believe I had gestational diabetes, and that the endocrinologist would not call me for another three weeks.

So, like most of my pregnancy so far, I had to do my own research. My biggest concern, as a mother was .. Did I cause this? No, the amount of sweets you have leading up to your 26th week of pregnancy will not give you diabetes. For all of those moms out there kicking yourselves, it is not you. What gestational diabetes is , is the inability of your body to produce enough of the hormone insulin. Insulin is needed to pull glucose in to the cells for use of energy. If there is not enough to keep up with the body’s demands ( ex: forming life from scratch inside your womb) your blood sugar will then soar. Very common in a multiple pregnancy because my body is doing double the work, but I still was wondering why I did not have one symptom.

What I decided to do, since my endocrinologist was going to call me weeks after the news , was get my own diabetic machine to track my sugar. I have taken my sugar for two weeks now and the numbers are always on point. Sometimes I even check those around me and their sugar has been higher than mine! I will say, the only time it goes a couple of points over is in the morning and that is normal since that is the time when your hormones are at their highest. What I have been doing to bring the number down, is consume dairy before bed. Dairy is digested slowly and helps maintain your sugar level throughout the night.

I also looked in to the diet I am supposed to be following to make sure the sugar does not get worse throughout the pregnancy. Mainly protein, still a good amount of carb ( suggested whole wheat and fiber) and to eat many small meals throughout the day.

When I finally had my Telehealth appointment with my doctor, I told her myself that I am curing this through diet and staying on top of my levels. She at first was going to give me insulin shots before I told her I have been recording my sugar and never once was it out of range. Then she agreed to monitor it, and if it gets higher we will take the next step. The next steps are either an oral medication called Metformin that will stabilize sugar levels before bed, or an insulin shot. The difference is the pill passes the placenta to the babies, but it also causes them no harm. The insulin shot, which is more annoying to give yourself, creates natural hormones in your body that it is lacking and does not pass the placenta. I am almost done here with 8 more weeks to go, it extremely bothered me that without any other future information she was ready to prescribe me a shot when I feel great and I have consistently good numbers. I believe it was a blessing that she didn’t call me right away because I was able to be in charge of my own body. I am a borderline diabetic.

As a reference.. these should be the numbers to look out for.

-morning should be less than 90 – one hour after eating less than 140 – two hours after eating less than 120.

This particular, very common, pregnancy problem was a struggle to come out with for me. I enjoy life and celebrating and eating pizza and ice cream. When I do eat the pizza and ice cream, my numbers still have been fine. What I can not stand for one second, is when people watch and judge what I eat. Now more than ever, I feel as though I will be judged through my diet until my cutie babies come. I made a promise to myself that I will have a blog to put out my complete honesty during this pregnancy, so although there are some bad seeds I don’t wish to discuss any negativity with .. you all deserve the truth.

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