Having Physical Control of your Body!

I have this medical book for pregnancy and it suggested that during your pregnancy you should do physical therapy. In the beginning I wasn’t super in to it because I was still able to do my 30 minute walks and I had no physical pain. So, 2 1/2 months in to my second trimester went by and I was doing great until I started feeling like the tin man who needed oil in their joints every time I got out of bed or stood up from the chair. Then I remembered, oh shit , I can do physical therapy !

My Obgyn check up was around the corner and I asked her if it was okay to start physical therapy to keep my muscles strong to carry me through to the end of the third trimester and she said absolutely! She wrote me a prescription, I sent it over to my friend Jason Villano who is a Physical Therapist who recently opened ProMet on Community Drive in Manhasset.

Today was my first day and let me explain to you the glory of my experience. First I sat on a bed with a pillow behind my back and a huge warm towel on my lower back and knees. I really could have stayed there like that all day but that would be rude. Jason let me enjoy myself for at least 20 minutes so that was nice. Our next step were exercises that worked on my back. Very simple easy to do at home moves that relieve any tension or pain. He also gave me a great stretch to do if I have a headache, and we all know how pregnancy can be, never know when one of those bad boys might come out of nowhere. We then stretched out my calfs and did a stretch for my inner thighs. Let’s end with best part, there are massages that come with physical pain.. I have been waking up with either one of my hands numb so I got a crazy good neck massage! I left there feeling like a million bucks. The staff was friendly and I was mobile.

Please don’t mind my boobs going East and West

I asked Jason how often one should go to therapy, because now I am obsessed. He said you can go as often as three times a week if you wanted. I do have a ton of doctors appointments all of the time so I am sticking to once a week but I can not wait to see what moves we do when I go back!

Right before I left, I also expressed to Jason how I feel nervous about the way my body will be post babies , if I need a c-section , if my abdomen rips, and how I can avoid laughing without peeing. He said those are all extremely common problems that can also be cured through physical therapy. If any of them are super serious, he also has a team on deck that specializes in each of those symptoms and will get me back on track ASAP. I need a very strong body to raise two boys so this made me super happy !

Ladies, this is extremely suggested on my end. Checkout Promet on Community Drive, the front desk is super friendly and easy to schedule with, they take health insurance, and Jason Villano, DTP is knowledgable, funny, and spot on with his guidance and advice. There is no reason why your pain should run the show during your pregnancy when there are ways to get ahead of the game! You are the boss of your own body! Get out there and be strong!!!!

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