Sweet Dreams little ones.

Today we put together our Twin Ez Fold Bassinet. We absolutely love how light weight it is and its capability to fold in half. It is easy to put away while it isn’t in use and also a great item to travel with! There is a divider in between babies so that they can feel like they are sleeping together but they won’t roll in to each other. The divider reminds me of how they currently have a membrane in between them, they both know each other is present but they can not cause each other harm.

The next thing I wanted to add to the Bassinet, was the Dock-A-Tot. Many people aren’t aware of this pillow or have seen it before and do not understand its purpose. I had an interest in this because my sister-in-law , cousin, and best friend all used this and raved about it. So I did a little research myself and I was SOLD! Here is why …

  • The Dock-a-Tot recreates the feeling of the mothers womb. It surrounds the baby giving them a snug feeling of comfort. It has been especially good for babies who do not want to be swaddled because the surrounding of the mattress still holds them in without restraining their arms.
  • This mattress is also made out of hypoallergenic materials that do not harbor heat which leaves the baby with a cozy sleeping temperature.
  • With the flat bottom and round surface, this mattress was also invented to prevent SIDS, and the sides of the Dock-a-Tot are breathable.
  • This is also a great product to facilitate tummy time!
  • To all my travelers, this is another extremely easy and portable sleeping arrangement to bring to someones house. This can be placed in the center of a large mattress and they will have somewhere to get some shut eye.
  • Lastly, very easy to clean. Highly suggested to throw in a laundry mesh bag in the wash with cold water to prevent the microfibers from shrinking. Another way to prevent having to wash the cover of the Dock-a-Tot a ton is to put a muslin blanket over it before laying the babies down.
Can not wait to see my babies in here !

One thought on “Sweet Dreams little ones.

  1. You are amazing on the amount of research you have done on these products! Your boys are so very lucky to have you as their momma!💋


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