Final Countdown

Just a random vent session at 11:40pm for all of my readers. This past Wednesday, I woke up to my weekly update and realized I am in the last week of my second trimester! My first trimester felt forever long with the way I was feeling and the toll it was taking on my body. Second trimester was also pretty long because we moved out of my house in to my parents house for renovations. We were excited to get the ball rolling with the house and I was happy as ever to be with my mom. I was home every day for the second trimester due to the current times and my no job, so having the company was nice. I was also feeling great, besides my bump I had no other pregnancy symptoms.

Here comes the third trimester. I am absolutely petrified. I am extremely controlling over my own life and for this short amount of time I have to give that up. I am not even an ounce nervous for when the kids come, because I can physically see them and take care of them. Having them inside these next two and a half months is driving me nuts!! I am slowly getting tired and run down and my bump is only going to get that much bigger. With my bump getting bigger, I don’t know if my abdomen will rip in half to make room for my growing babies. Speaking of these growing babies, I have no idea how big these bad boys will be. Will they be early and have to go to the NICU? As of now, I personally do not think so because of my very long cervix and very relaxed life style due to unemployment. The longer I carry them, the more squished they will be in there with minimal room to move their joints. The biggest mystery of all , how will they make their appearance? Vaginally, c-section, or both? On top of all the worry, will our family be allowed at the hospital?

I can not control any of that, but what I can do is get ahead of any problem that may occur. I will continue to drink a gallon of water a day, watch my diet to prevent swelling, exercise in the pool, and go to physical therapy to help with body aches and blood flow. I will keep negativity at an arms length and enjoy every last week as a milestone. The most fun/important things to do now are pack our hospital bag and get set up for these babies! The biggest day of our life is right around the corner , and that keeps a huge smile on my face!

2 thoughts on “Final Countdown

  1. You will do great! As soon as those two little munchins make their debut into the world, nothing else will matter!!!


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