Rollin’ with my Homies

I can not express my love enough for the Bugaboo 2015 Donkey Twin Stroller. (Click on title of stroller to bring you to details on Amazon.) Deciding which stroller to register for was the hardest thing to do out of everything else. I had no personal recommendation on which one to use and all the stores have been closed, so I couldn’t even go try them out ! The only store open is Buy Buy Baby and they are limited on their twin strollers. I figured that living in NYC, tandem stroller was the only way to go. I was into uppa baby until I realized the baby in the back will be so low to the ground. This is an appropriate location for a toddler , but my kids will be the same age at the same time , so I did not feel comfortable putting my infant down there out of my sight.

While we were all quarantined I read up on the strollers, narrowed some down, and then took a Twiniversity class. I immediately started to get sold on the side by side stroller. I will be able to keep an eye on them both at the same time , feed them at the same time, stick pacifiers back in their mouth etc. I was still like ugh, how am I going to get in to stores.. and then I found out that the width of the double stroller was the same as a wheelchair, SOLD! This is when I went for it and decided to go with the bugaboo , I was still nervous though because I never got to test run it. My godfather so generously bought it off of my registry, it came to my house today , and this is what we think !

Here is hubby, he put together the whole stroller with no manual, shout out to the handy man! As you can see, he is super happy with it and the stroller isn’t much wider than he is! We even gave it a test run and it fit through every door way in the house , score! The glide is also super smooth and every piece of the carriage is light weight. It even comes with the rain gear. What I do not have shown are the next two seats when they are older , but I will be blogging about that down the road. All parts included.

So now, what if I wanted to take one twin out for a stroll and leave one home with daddy, to give them a break from each other, also to see what life is like with just one child? What if I was going in to a super tight space like Target? Do I then have to register for a single stroller and put the other baby in a carrier? NOPE! Bugaboo stroller converts in to a single stroller with a little extra compartment on the side for baby necessities and all your problems are solved !

One last question, how the hell are you going to fit this contraption in your car ? Easy , once you have taken out the bassinets, the frame of the stroller folds down super tiny !

We absolutely love it and can not wait to put this bad boy to use !

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