live it UP.. drink it DOWN

Water is the new cosmopolitan ladies. Do I miss drinking, yes. Especially during the summer, laying by the pool..some days I want an ice cold corona and some days I want a frozen daiquiri ( it just isn’t the same virgin.) Drinking water was always important during my Pregnancy , but now in the third trimester, it is the time to amp it up!

Now is the time for me to scare the shit out of you to get you to drink up! Here are some things dehydration can lead to when you are pregnant:

  • neural tube defects
  • low amniotic fluid
  • inadequate breast milk production
  • premature labor
  • birth defects

Okay, now here are the positive effects drinking water can have on pregnancy. We must always leave on a high note:

  • Elevates morning sickness, heartburn indigestion.
  • It will cause you to pee a little more but this will reduce swelling
  • Helps improve hormonal acne

This water bottle was given to me by my brothers girlfriend, and it has held me super accountable for the amount I have to drink in a day !

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