Riding Shotgun

Before you hit the road , fasten yourself in safely !

My uncle has a house in Shelter Island, so during these times when nothing was open, I was enjoying my getaways up here to change the scenery. It takes about two hours to get to Shelter, but even faster now that the roads are clear ! Now that I am 26 weeks, road trips are getting a little different. I am no longer allowed to drive since the wheel hits my belly and I have to stop to pee and eat. The biggest problem on my ride up here was that when I had to pee, I stopped in to Target. Once I was in Target, I obviously had to shop. This easily took me thirty minutes out of the way. Once we got back on the road, I out of nowhere became starving. This is easy because there are fast food places every other block. The only thing is, their lines are super long, so add another 20 minutes on to the trip. Bottom line is this, pack food, and put time aside for bathroom breaks, even if your only going two hours away ! I am just about to enter my third trimester and this simple trip might start to take me four hours! Happy travels ! (P.S. make sure whoever it is that is driving has a lot of patience! )

One thought on “Riding Shotgun

  1. Megan, you are so funny! I remember being pregnant to Teressa and, while on a road trip to Florida, my wonderful husband missed the reststop, and the next one was all the way through the state of Georgia! Lol


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