Mangia !

The one thing I have actually struggled with, is being a pregnant woman in the modern world when it comes to food and eating. I have to eat close to 3,000 calories for my body to have enough energy to form two kids from scratch and I am surrounded by women who are dieting. We have keto, intermittent fasting, weight watchers, paleo, etc. There are women that choose to drop a certain thing out of their diet such as sugar and carbs, and then there are the women so self conscious, they won’t even look at food without feeling guilty.

Don’t get me wrong, I was one of them. I have tried every single one of those diets. I had so many lose weight quick schemes, especially since at some point I was a professional wedding guest ( had a different friend get married every other week) and wanted to look good. Now I am around everyone talking about their diets .. and there is no food!!!!! Average woman can go about 2-3 hours without food, I am good maybe 2-3 minutes. Most of the time I am not even starving, I am just scared to have no food in me in fear of my blood sugar level dropping. Note to my fellow preggers .. always show up fed with a snack in your pocket!

Here comes the judgement. I can not even freely eat! I get the proper nutrients in during the day. I make sure I eat enough vegetables , protein, calcium, etc. I have to eat all day long so this is easy to do. I also enjoy treating myself to donuts , pie , ice cream, pizza , and all things that taste amazing. I am not on a diet , I am pregnant. So please stop watching me.

Ladies , it is extremely easy to fall in to the body shaming trap. We as women are never good enough. We are never skinny enough , we always want different hair , and we are injecting our faces left and right. I myself , was always aiming for a specific dress size. I will never do this again. I AM good enough. After seeing what my body has been through to accommodate my children has been a real miracle to watch. My stomach is so large my belly button is about to pop, my tits have doubled in size and are veiny ( looks like a spider web around my nipples ) , and I breathe like I have emphysema. Guess what , I have never in my life felt more beautiful! Once the babies come, I will treat my body right and keep it the healthiest instead of harping on a number or a size.


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