Let’s talk about the ever so dreadful, pregnancy gingivitis. About five minutes after I found out I was having twins and we celebrated by laughing and crying at the same time, my doctor decided to lay it on thick. She was rambling off a ton of information that I wasn’t necessarily listening to because I just found out I was having two kids. The one thing that stood out to me the most was this comment .. “you need to keep up with your calcium because your teeth might start to rot and fall out.” The first thing we did after the doctor ( okay the second, we first called everyone to tell them there were two kids in this equation ) was go right to CVS and get calcium supplements.

My teeth were feeling great for a minute until I started having a bloody grill. I have always brushed my teeth the second I woke up and then flossed and brushed right before I went to bed. Truthfully, when I was in my first trimester and sick as a dog, that stopped. Brushing my teeth in the morning would cause me to throw up, I had no energy to floss, and wouldn’t even make it to bed at night , I was falling asleep at 7pm on the couch. I still always brushed my teeth in the morning even though I would vomit , I wasn’t that gross. I then made an appointment with my dentist to see what he suggested I do, it was one thing my gums were bleeding, but another if my teeth just start falling out. My appointment was made for the third week in March, there was the stay at home order, so there went that.

I did my own research. When you are pregnant, you have extra blood pumping through your body that leads to your gums and makes them more sensitive. This also makes it easier for plaque to build up on your teeth and then BOOM! .. gingivitis. So guess what , I had to brush longer in the morning even though it grossed me out terribly, and forced myself to floss and brush right after dinner incase I feel asleep on the couch. This got way easier in my second trimester since all of my nausea went away and my energy was back. This is extremely common in pregnancy, since my gingivitis went away it has not come back. I also haven’t lost any teeth along the way, lets face it, pregnancy is hard as is, I’ll keep my teeth!

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