Love at first Kick!

This is going to be a difficult blog to write because it will be tricky to find the words. I do not know how to express what it feels like when your baby/babies kick for the first time in your belly, but I will try my best to describe it.

First , since there are two, let me explain where they are positioned in my belly. Baby A is closest to the cervix ( which is why he will be born first), this is in my lower belly. Baby B is laying on top of Baby A , they are relaxing near my rib cage. At week 16, I first felt Baby A. I was sitting on the couch by myself and started feeling something I never did before. I had to turn off the T.V. and any other distractions to really focus on the feeling. The movement was happening right under my belly button. I had to think about what else it could be before I committed to the fact that it was finally my son saying hello. I thought , maybe this is bad gas? So far this pregnancy has given me zero constipation and everything was passing through too smoothly to give me stomach problems. So then I was like … Is this my uterus expanding? What I was feeling wasn’t at all crampy so I ruled that out. This feeling was new, this feeling was exciting, this feeling … was my child. It was subtle and soft , but I knew , and I sat there and I cried.

Took about two more weeks for Baby B to be in a position where I can feel him. He is not so soft and subtle. He was right up in my rib cage and felt like he was pinching me from the inside. He is my problem child. His brother, (Baby A) moves around like a fish, Baby B attacks me like a shark. I have never been more in love with a feeling of discomfort before in my life.

peep the sauce stain by the number 4

Every week that the kids get bigger, the kicks became stronger. I also started to learn what it is that gets these kids going! Whenever I eat something sweet, Baby A is moving and grooving, just like daddy. When I eat something salty, Baby B gets hyped up, just like momma. Since I have to go for sonograms every two weeks, I also am really learning how they operate in the womb. They kick and punch each other, but also know how to block their face for protection when brother comes swinging. When they are over their kickboxing match, they take a nap. Baby A gets comfortable by laying on Baby B’s butt. Another hilarious thing I have caught going on a couple of times is Baby B smothering Baby A, while Baby A has his back to him, trying to run away with nowhere to go. Many have also asked me if they keep me up all night kicking, they actually do not, so fingers crossed they take this behavior with them when they check out of hotel womb!

I am now on week 25 and the movements have become so strong that family, friends, and especially Daddy, get to feel them on the outside. It is always fun for someone to rest their hand on my belly and then receive a high five in return! Unfortunately , since I have two babies, the movements won’t be too strong much longer because they will eventually run out of room to move.

In the future, when a new mother asks me how will they know their baby is moving, this is all I can say. It is an inexplicable feeling. You, as a mother will know, that whatever is going on, it is your child making their presence known. For me, every time I get a kick, I cant help but giggle like a little school girl. I am so beyond excited for my kids to come in to the world, but for now, I am taking in every single movement my kids give me. This is a specific time in my life that will be such a small period of time. It is beautiful .. it is comforting .. it is a blessing…two blessings.

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