DILF in Training

WOW, I have become the neediest bitch when it comes to my husband ! This has been such a problem for me ( I am sure him too) because this is the total opposite of my norm. Pre- pregnancy I worked 4 jobs , had a nice social life , and did all of the house chores. Busy was my jam.. Nick and I would set aside times to watch certain shows we liked and went on dates and that was more than enough for me. Now, I am slowing down daily and I’m without a job since I am a hairdresser. On top of my life style changes are my bodily changes , inside and out.

So, my boo loves his video games. I am sure this is on many women’s top list of complaints. I never minded them before because my ass was always here and there but now I am seeing them in a new light. I am home all day, when Nick gets home, he showers, eats whatever I cooked, relaxes, and then plays his game. In his world he is decompressing from the day. In my world, I sat around all day, made you dinner, was excited for you to come home, and then had to take a back seat to the game.

We never really argue or jump down each others throats, so this was a weird topic for me to bring up. Especially since my least favorite version of myself is to be a nag. I was just so confused , how do I express to my innocent husband , who is doing the same thing he always did, that I want him to want to be with me and hold me. UGH!! I gag every single time I say it.

Bottom line is this, I felt as though my life has changed and that his hasn’t, but that was not true at all. Although his daily schedule remained the same.. he was now living with a pregnant wife. I wanted him involved in the pregnancy and how I was feeling, and for that to start forming a connection to the kids. I wanted him to realize that some things need to change now, before they drastically change in September. Us women are funny…..if he just let me be needy and clingy for 5 minutes, I will give him 5 hours on those games !!!

This is what I love about my husband. He listens. He understands that my needs and wants will change and he wants to make that change with me. We also have an understanding that I am not going to expect him to just know , most men never do. Instead I tell him exactly what I want and everything I am feeling and then he has the knowledge to dive in to action. This is a rare quality to find in a man. Sure he gets impatient, but he never does with me.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY. We are always going to have to be on the same page with these babies, and I have no doubt that for the most part we will be. When we are not, I do believe we have the dynamic to bounce ourselves and our relationship back quickly. We will be busy , the last thing parenting twins needs is a screaming match at 2 am. We have no time for that.

Nicholas, I know you are reading this since you subscribed to my blog aha. We may not always see eye to eye, but we want nothing more than to see each other happy, we won’t stop talking things out until we both confidently agree with each other. Thank you for being such a solid partner and giving me one less thing to worry about in life. You have qualities in you that are very special. I do believe God gave you boys, because you will know how to raise them to be gentlemen. Us three are lucky to have you, and if at any time you want to burn your games.. that’s cool too 😉

One thought on “DILF in Training

  1. You grew up Meg to become an intelligent beautiful young lady. Now to be momma. Love you😘💞


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