My Mini Crew

My greatest joys in life are all of the kids that are so close to me. Nieces, nephews , cousins, godson, and family friends. They range from ages 1 1/2 – 8 years old. I have always loved at every get together or holiday , to sneak away with them and play “games.” This is my special time to have with them. I get to listen to their stories , their problems , their hopes and dreams , and what they want for Christmas from Santa. Diving in to their imagination is always a way for me to relieve any stress I feel leading up to hanging out with them. When I got pregnant , I wanted to fill the family in right away, some may say it was too soon ( like it was their story to tell) , but I am an open book and pride myself on that. I want everyone involved in every major aspect of my life good or bad. My favorite part above all, once I found out I was pregnant, was telling my mini crew. They were all genuinely excited for me and somewhat confused. I do believe they thought I was a kid myself since I was always hanging out with them. As the belly grew big and reality set in , they have said the funniest things that I want to share with all of you.

Diana – Diana is my niece and my queen B. She is 6 years old and her understanding of how things will go down when the twins arrive is my absolute favorite. She believes that I will pick her up from school every day in Long Island and drive her back to Queens, so she can help me take care of the twins. The second Uncle Nicky ( my hubby ) gets home , we will pass the babies over to him and tell him we are going to cook dinner. We will head towards the kitchen and slip out the back door, go down the block and get our nails done. I don’t think this plan will go over to smoothly, but I am definitely going to give it a try! She makes it sounds so appealing. The other day she also came up with this theory …. “the kids will be cute because they will look like me and I look like you. The only thing is … I am cuter than you.” I can not argue .. she is without a doubt cuter than me.

Timmy – Timmy is my nephew, Diana’s 2 year old brother. He hasn’t said a whole lot about my pregnancy until this week. First we were going down the stairs and he stops in his tracks .. makes eye contact with my bump and goes .. “woah – your belly is huge!” I hope I will be the last woman he says that too. Once we got down the stairs, after I re-collected my self esteem, Timmy wanted me to read him a book. Poor kid wanted nothing more than to get comfortable on my lap. I am 5ft short and all torso , which means when I sit down .. my bump takes a seat on my lap. This left no room for the kid, but he kept trying , and kept sliding , but didn’t give up until the book was over.

Joey – Joey is my godson and he is 1 1/2. In my first trimester, I was still watching him two times a week. At around 14 weeks, I still was not really showing yet , but Joey would randomly walk over and hug my belly. I would melt every single time. As I got a bit bigger, we decided it was time for me to stop watching him, it got a little harder. Life has to keep moving but those days were my favorite days and I enjoyed being there throughout his first year. Anyway, recently I went over there with my massive bump and we were playing with a large ball in the yard. I put it under my shirt and then let the ball pop out. After that, I lifted my shirt and underneath were high waisted maternity shorts, so I told him there was another ball in there. He tried so hard to pull my pants off and get the other ball aka my bump out of there! Eventually I whipped out my belly , he was in shock.. and then shoved his finger in my belly button.

Kayla– Kayla is my good friend Danielle’s daughter. She is 5 years old and boy can she talk ! She has been a sweet angel since the day she found out about my pregnancy. She always kisses and hugs my belly and talks to the boys. She is also a little adult. Whenever I am at the house for dinner she throws demands at me.. ” you just sit there , do not get up , you need to rest with those babies.” … “NO,NO,NO – do not carry that bag, I will get it.” I swear , she treats me better than most adults! Today Danielle told me that she woke up asking her when my babies will fall out ! ahahah I still have 3 months to go , but I hope they come out that easy !

Gia & Danica – These girls are our cousins daughters but we feel as though they are more like our nieces. They are super excited about the babies coming and are always stunned by the growth of my belly. They also love to hug and kiss it and are hyped that there are two boys to balance out their sister dynamic. Gia is 8 years old and before I became pregnant , she never wanted me to have kids. She didn’t understand how I can play with her and take care of my child. It was valid , things were going to change for a minute but I will always be too intrigued in what is going on with their life to ever give up that quality time. When I told them about the babies, I was so nervous they would be upset, but they were not at all! They always wanted a brother , so now I am giving them two , that they get to give back ! Gia recently gave me the schedule that she has her baby dolls on. She told me when they nap , eat, play, and how their bed time routine goes. It was an extremely good lesson. She really has prepared me for motherhood aha.

  • I love these kids to death, my bond I have with them has always given me the itch to join motherhood. What is the most special thing to me now is that my kids will have instant friends and mentors from day one! Even though I am mom, one of my favorite roles will always be Aunt Megan.
Diana and Timmy

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