The Beauty behind the Bump

The other night I was hanging with my girl Gina and she simply asked , what are the rules on dying your hair while pregnant. I thought to myself , oh my god .. not only do I have the answer because I am pregnant. I am also a hair colorist for 7 years!

This is an exciting blog for me to write because there is nothing more thrilling than combining my work life with my new mom to be life. I will go in to every single color process and tell you which ones are the safest and which to avoid. Firs thing is first, always keep in mind that you are the most fragile in your first trimester, so if you can avoid any of these processes, that would generally be the best idea. The salons are about to be opening up , let’s get you mommas 2 be ahead of the curve! ( P.S. these are my professional hair colorist opinions, at the end of the day, always check in with your doctor first)

BOX DYE – this will forever be a no on my end, pregnant or not. I gave this guy a pass for those who could not make it into a salon the past 3 months due to the times, but if you can avoid it, please do. The box is not good for you because it uses such a high ammonia content that basically burns the cuticle in order for the color to be deposited. In the end , your grays will be covered and you might have fast and easy color results, but the texture of your hair will start to feel gritty. When it comes to pregnancy , again , the high ammonia content is definitely a bit rough to be playing around with and I am going to strongly suggest to stray away.

ROOT TOUCH UP – This also depends on the color line. If you are an in salon client , professional products are always more safe. Once you communicate with your colorist that you are looking for hair color that is the most natural (product wise) there will be many options. Depending on the salon you go to , there should be vegan color , ammonia free color , and permanent color lines with a low ammonia content. The color line I work a lot with is Davines. Their main focus is that the color tube is made 95% out of naturally derived ingredients. They use phospholipid carriers in their color line that deposit color in to the hair. These are the same carriers used in silk clothing to help prevent color fading. By adding this to the mixture, they were able to lessen the ammonia which was over all better on the hair follicle and scalp. All in all, the color lasts longer, hair is healthier, and most importantly your babies are safe! If you are still weary about going the permeant color line route, you can also do demi- permanent. This penetrates the cuticle 50% giving you a softer coverage. My favorite color line for this is Schwarzkopf. They have a great Demi permanent grey coverage that says it will cover up to 50% grey but I have seen it do more! Lastly, Davines also has an ammonia free color line with amazing coverage. Its strength falls in between permanent color and demi permanent. If you see a salon carries Davines, still call before hand to see which lines they carry before you show up to appointment. If you want ammonia free, ask for A New Colour, and if you want permanent, ask for Mask With Vibrachrom.

Foiling and Balayage– these are both safe options. Even though your colorist may go in to the process using bleach, they are separating the hair in to sections and apply away from the scalp. The lightener will never actually touch the scalp. After the process of bleaching , usually comes the gloss. This process is done at the sink and will be applied to the scalp and throughout the ends of the hair. This is a super light color process that seals the cuticle down and adds a tone. It is completely safe for babies and can sit as little as 5 minutes if need be.

Bleach and Tone – I have seen many pregnant woman throughout the years get this process during their pregnancy. Mostly towards the end when their baby is a little more developed. My personal opinion , I would not suggest it since the process calls for bleach to be applied right on to the scalp. After it is applied it sits on the scalp for up to an hour. It is my least favorite options out of all of these so stray away as much as possible.

Creative Color – This is always a fun idea! What I usually suggest to my mommas who want a little spunk in their life is to do a peek – a – boo color. This is a panel of any color applied in the hair that will pop in and out depending on how you style it. It is applied in foil so it is the safest for baby, and the maintenance is super low since the root doesn’t show. This gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Speaking of maintenance, pregnancy is not the time for a complete color change. It is definitely tempting with all of the up and down hormones, and feeling like new you new hair. Keep in mind the rapid hair growth do to pre natal vitamins, this will cause you to start making more hair appointments to keep up with the root touch up. Once the babies come, we will also have to put the hair on the back burner for a minute to be moms, any drastic change pre birth , will start looking funky a month or two after, while you are home with your little nugget.
  • You ladies have a ton of options to make yourselves look fly during pregnancy. After all, when we look good we feel good. My advice to you is choose a color that is in the realm of your natural hair color. Either go two shades lighter or two shades darker. This will keep the maintenance low. Also, by accentuating your natural color, your color will always look beautiful, and your hair appointments will be made seasonly instead of monthly. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to DM me @colorbycharlie !

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