1992, the year I met you.

This blog is a dedication to my momma, the reason I am so very excited to enter motherhood myself. My mother was a bull as we were growing up. She had structure, we had bedtimes we wouldn’t dare to break, we ate whatever it is she cooked, and we were never late to a party. The never late thing is truly impressive, I am one of four. I have read many different articles about parenting and they all state that a scheduled kid leads to a happy one and I believe it to be true. My brothers and I were always very happy kids and we still are!

My mom and I created a special bond from young since we were the only females in the house. She set aside times to have a tea party, we would have a day of beauty where she would do my hair and makeup, and we would spend weekends away at dance competitions.

As I got a little older, humor came in to our relationship. When I first got my period at 10 years old , she left me on the toilet to call my whole family to tell them I became a woman, before explaining to me what was going on. I felt like I was sitting there for 30 minutes but it was probably more like five. Then there were times when I got out of school with important things to say and she would silence me until we got home so she can belt out Donna Summer. The saddest part wasn’t her muting me, it was that she thought she had talent. My all time favorite is when I casually sit at the table and she would plop her titty on my head. The bottom line to all of this is , during my awkward teenage years , she created a relationship where I can be as open as I wanted to be in my life, even when things weren’t easy to talk about. She knew how to listen without judgment, meanwhile, she was definitely cringing on the inside at some of my problems.

No one knows you like your mother does. I moved in to her house when I was in the middle of my second trimester due to renovations and my pregnancy has been so much easier since then. I am not the type to ask for help but I do not need to when she is around. She just knows what to do, it is like we share the same brain. I feel comfortable and relaxed but most importantly, I feel healthy.

My mom has four kids and has always managed to keep us all equal. She has run for each of us whenever we need but she has also allowed for us to be our own people. She is there for us if we need advice but never chimes in when its unwarranted. She lets us learn from our mistakes, but is always there when we need help without the ” I told you so attitude”. She also always knows how to give constructive criticism that never put me down, instead it would lift me up and make me strive to be better. Out of all of these qualities my favorite is how selfless she is. Having four kids can not be easy to juggle , but she makes it look super easy and I have never once heard her complain.

I am excited to be a mom, she always has a smile on her face because of it. I am also interested to be on the other side to understand her on a whole new level, which will makes us even closer. I enjoyed my childhood and gained a best friend out of her being my mom. I am hoping I can create the same relationship with my own kids. My goal is not to be my mother, my goal is to be as close as possible , and that will be good enough for me.

4 thoughts on “1992, the year I met you.

  1. Your Mom is a great woman. I loved reading this. It put a huge smile on my face. I hope my daughters feel the same way about me 🙂 xoxo


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