Showers of Confusion

What do you do with your baby shower during a pandemic? Great question! I have no clue what the best option is, but I am going to tell you the route I am taking. What has been super popular recently are the drive by birthdays, graduations, showers, etc. I decided not to go with this option. Simply because the weather is only getting warmer, to sit all day in front of my house to swell up and constantly run inside to pee seems a tad impractical for me. Another problem I will encounter, is I want to jump and hug on every single person handing a gift over to me. We also have a huge family who are super generous, so not to give them the proper thank you does not sit well with me.

Then there are the virtual zoom showers. I also can not do that because I genuinely have a hard time focusing on multiple people on one screen. My family also aren’t so tech savvy so that might get in the way.

A couple of weeks before the stay in order, my mother and mother in law went to a catering hall to book the shower. We were all very excited to start planning and then everything got put on hold. We still sent out the invitations in hopes that it will be a go. The date was supposed to be for June 27th. We called them last week and as of now the shower is still on but they were unable to give us the stipulations until we get closer to that day. With that being said I decided to move the date to November 14th for a Sip and See.

The sip and see will be a way for me to say thank you for all of the gifts I received prior to the babies while showing off my new crew. I am also in to the fact that my boys will be there to say “thank you” in baby language. After all, the gifts are all for them! Side note – I laugh every time some one tells me I won’t want to bring my children to the party and I will need a day out. They are not here yet, but I already went 28 years without these kids, I cant imagine I will be sick of them in 2 months. I chose motherhood, I choose to celebrate the happiest times in my life with them, including a party for them.

Now, I have no idea if this is the best way to go about the shower. I might look back and wish I did things differently. Unfortunately, I have no experience in planning a baby shower during a pandemic, and neither does anyone else. I chose the option that makes me the most comfortable. I just want one day to do it right, honor the people I love, say thank you for loving me, and have a nice time. I don’t want to put pressure on anyone who doesn’t feel safe to be in large crowds at this time, and I am the kind of person that if I cant celebrate with everyone then I will celebrate with no one. As I stated in my other blog, I will hear some opinions on this matter and how I should have handled it. They were all able to have their showers, I am put in a different situation and I am trying to do what is best for the majority of my guests. At the end of the day – deciding when to have a party is a very fortunate problem to have and I am extremely lucky.

At the end of every shower there is a rainbow , I am doubly blessed.

2 thoughts on “Showers of Confusion

  1. “Deciding when to have a party is a fortunate problem to have,” should be everyone’s quote for this whole situation. I’m so serious.


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