For my kids …

To my sons,

It is 2020 and right after mommy became pregnant with the two of you, the world started to spiral. There is this viral pandemic going around killing thousands of people and there are riots against racism. Many have even uttered the words to me … “are you sure you want to bring kids in to this world?” My boys , there are some simple rules to follow and your life can be as good as you make it. At any time, if any of this seems to get tricky, I am home with open arms…..

Be the person in your classroom who is friends with everyone. You never know what you can learn from each individual, every single child has something to offer. Be the kind of kids that listen to others, when you are listening you are also learning and growing. Help your friends, sometimes being the go to person can be overwhelming, but there is nothing more rewarding than a strong friendship.

Respect your elders. Some may be tough on you , and you might feel as though they have it out for you. They are going to be testing you, for they see qualities in you they feel are worth challenging. Yes, it might aggravate you, but in a weird way you will learn that they care about you the most. Some adults may want to sit you down for hours and share stories , try your best little ones to listen up, there is wisdom to every word that will come in handy one day as it lives in your self conscious.

Respect your authority. Your grandfather was a cop. By being his daughter, I was able to see and hear many stories of how they put themselves on the lines in order for our city to be safe. There will be bad cops, trying to take the heroism away from those who are good. Always remember your family tree, and be proud of where you came from. My father gave me a good life and continues to do so, part of my up bringing was watching him be hardworking and selfless , which is a huge part of what I want to instill in the both of you.

Create a strong brotherhood. No one will know each other quite like you two do. Even me and your father will feel outcasted by the bond you both have. We want nothing else for you. Be there for each other , love each other , and most importantly be honest with each other. Push each other to be better in a non competitive way, and share every up and down you possibly can , together.

Once you both have learned to treat your friends, family, elders, yourselves, and each other with the most respect, you are now ready to meet your spouse. Find someone who makes you happy every single day of your life. Marriage will be hard , pick someone you know you can work through the challenges with. Love, in a way, is learning how to fight with someone , and never going to bed upset. Find someone with the same values but will also teach you something new. They should want nothing more than to make you better , and you should want to be their rock. At the end of the day, be gentlemen.

I want to bring you both in to the world now more than ever. Your father and I have an extremely strong support system, which has already set up a good foundation for when it comes to raising the two of you. We hope that we can both raise you to be part of the change the world so often needs. We hope that when you feel anger, you will come to us, we will have zero judgement towards you. We hope that you take time to understand those who are angry around you, they always have something deeper going on that you may never understand. We hope you walk the world with pride , for you are both already so special. Above all , our hope for the two of you is to be kind .. for one act of kindness , sparks another.


Mom and Dad

2 thoughts on “For my kids …

  1. Beautiful words to your boys. You and Nick are going to be awesome parents.What lucky boys they are! Love you all❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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