Opinions vs. Feelings

I am in love with being pregnant, but what has been a struggle, is being pregnant with many different personalities around. There are the positive people who want nothing but the best for you and then there are the over opinionated. Some people in your life have never been pregnant before , they get the pass for their understanding to be off, after all , you are more inclined to be involved when you have experience in it. With all of this going on around you, it is super hard to navigate.

With my pregnancy , I am the only one that I know in my close circle who is having twins. Instead of freaking out because I had no one to go too for guidance, I have started to do a ton of research on my own. After all, God gave me these two boys, they are my responsibility and getting information on having twins before they arrive, was something I very much enjoyed. I have started to set myself up with the most knowledge I can so when they arrive I can focus on the present situation. In order to do this I had to order many books and sign up for classes. To be ahead of the game , I spent close to $1,000!!! With all of that up my sleeve it was extremely hard for me to accept opinion that I wasn’t asking for. I put in the time and I put in the money , so therefore , I had the game plan.

I do not believe this to be just a twin problem, there are mothers to be all over the world researching the latest product and picking out the best items for them to add to their registry only to hear from others that it isn’t what they did. Guess what, this is not your kid. Hang tight mommas, and have confidence in what your plans are for your child.

Some may call my outlook stubborn. “We are just trying to help.” I am going to need a ton of help and I totally understand that. I deserve the respect to get it when I have asked for it. With my strong minded out look, which again all moms have a right to have since it is their babies , I tend to upset people along the way. They feel as though I have silenced them.

Here is how I operate and my advice to all of you , those around me who never say one word and decide to voice their opinion, I will listen. This personality type knows how to bite their tongue when things aren’t as important and speak up when it is serious. Then there are those who have a comment for every single thing, unfortunately, they become white noise. In the midst of all their comments that have been made along the way, if there is a serious one, it will be smothered with the rest.

As much as I love the idea of becoming a mom and I am super excited for the future to get to know my kids, I am also ready to share them with the world. It is important for me to present them to all these different personality types, because that is life. I appreciate the love my kids will get and too pull them away from someone who makes me nervous is a disservice to them. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

With that being said, take a break from those who make you nervous during your pregnancy, those who bring a lot of negative attention, and who put their feelings before your own. In this time, try and enjoy every minute and start calling the shots. The second you are stressed out in any sort of way, those hormones are released to the baby. Keep them safe and keep the positivity close. You are mom .. and it is your time now.

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