Paw Patrol

I do not own a dog but my parents do, they live five minutes from me and ever since the beginning of my pregnancy he will not leave my side! At first I was just thinking that the little sucker missed me until as of recently, when me and my husband moved in due to home renovations.

It started getting out of control how much he followed me around. My feelings about it come in waves. Sometimes I will think it is the cutest thing in the world and other times he’s right at my feet and I start flipping out…. if this dog trips me he is in for it! Now I just walk extremely slow and me and him roam the house together.

When I was three months pregnant, my mom researched this funny puppy behavior while she waited for me outside of my doctors appointment. Turns out , dogs can smell pregnancy hormones and can become extremely protective! All dogs react differently, there are even some who decide to act out. You can catch them chewing on toys , or peeing in the house, because they are not accepting to the change around them , or they feel neglected. There are also some dogs that feel nothing at all and continue their life as is. They say a dog is a mans best friend , scratch man and add pregnant woman!


2 thoughts on “Paw Patrol

  1. Awww Opie can’t wait to become an uncle again! Rocky did the same thing to my sister in law! 🐶❤️


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