So many people have said, you better sleep now before the twinnies arrive! Well jokes on me, the full night of sleep has already come to an end. I am a belly sleeper so from day one I was already having an issue, I would wake up periodically throughout the night to make sure I didn’t roll over. To solve this problem my mom picked me up a Twin Z pillow , it acts as a body pillow before the kids come. This was working wonders until my bump reached a point of discomfort.

Now, as I lay on my side, I lose feeling in my arms and fingers. To switch over to the other side, is such a mission. First I move the pillow and then I move my body , then I get in to position … then I have to pee! So now I get up , use the bathroom , and come back to bed to try it all over again. I also cant help but get angry when I look at my husband all peaceful. It isn’t right, one of us deserves a whole night sleep, I just wish it were me.

There is one thing thrilling to pregnancy sleeping/ half sleeping , and it is the vivid dreams! Whenever I finally fall asleep my dreams are like watching a movie. Some nights they are nightmares, I can do without those. I had a dream that this creepy zombie thing was whispering in my ear, it took me a while to believe it wasn’t true. I even checked under the bed! Again, I turn to my husband .. snoring.. bastard aha. My favorite part of pregnancy dreaming are the dreams where I am a size 0 with double D breasts. The last time I was that size I was 15 , so its nice to relive those moments at 1 am.

I have accepted that this is my new normal , and to a degree it is training me a little for what’s to come. To all my future baby mommas , you are not alone. To all my current mommies, try and remember your crazy dreams during pregnancy!!

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