Braxton Hicks, Holy Shit !

I can not stress enough to please please please drink a ton of water!!!!!!! Today started week 24 of my pregnancy and I woke up with very intense stomach pain. It was hard for me to think straight during this amount of discomfort, but I quickly remembered that dehydration is a main factor to this problem. Ten minutes in to it I rain to get my water bottle and chugged three cups. This was also kind of difficult considering the way I was feeling I was almost sure the water was going to make me vomit.

As the water started working its way through my body, the cramping severely subsided. The last person I texted before the pain hit was my husband, when I looked back at the text the Braxton Hicks only last 20 minutes but it felt like an hour!

Braxton Hicks can also occur after too much exercise or sexual intercourse. The easiest way for me to work through them was to walk around and breathe. As nervous as I was in the moment because this was all new to me, I still didn’t have a gut feeling that there was something serious going on and it kept me somewhat calm throughout the process. I am also relieved with the amount of doctors appointments I have since this is a twin pregnancy and will be seeing my doctor later on today.

Attached below is a great article on the cause and treatments of Braxton Hicks. For all of you ladies in your second trimester going in to the third, read up !

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