Pregnancy Purchases

There are a few products I have tested out during my pregnancy that I absolutely loved and wanted to share with you! There have been many minor things getting in the way of me feeling my absolute best during pregnancy, but with every little set back, there has been a product to get me through it. After all , we are mom , we are putting in the work , we deserve some luxury products.

In my first trimester I was feeling a ton of morning sickness. I was just letting it ride its course until my friends sent me my very first Bump Box. The box comes monthly and it is extremely relatable to everything I am feeling in those current weeks. In that very first box , there were these organic candies called Preggie Pops. They were the perfect combination of sweet and sour and it subsided the nausea instantly. If you found out of a recent pregnancy, I highly suggest you sending over one of these boxes! Another great thing to know, my husbands aunt also sent me two of these boxes, I originally felt bad to think it would be a repeat of all the same stuff and the boxes were completely different! A couple of other things I have loved in those boxes were a reusable water bottle, a cooling sensation body lotion , exfoliants, teas , and body butter! All of the product also come full size!

As I am continuously growing, another item I am happy to own is my Palmer’s Stretch Cream kit! In the kit there is body oil , massage cream, and belly butter. All of these keep my belly super smooth without feeling super thick and heavy. One funny story and tip I might add – I was using the oil on my belly before bed every night , when I woke up one morning I saw a wet spot on the sheets. At first I thought maybe I peed myself?, but the spot was located so high up near my breasts , so then I assumed my belly was leaking fluid ahah. Once I explained the whole story to my mom, she pointed out that it is definitely the oil I am rubbing all over myself before bed. Therefore, please use the product in the morning. Another great stretch mark preventative the HATCH GAL belly mask!

The Prenatal Cradle is a must ! This has been a life savor. There are days where I am really feeling discomfort in my lower back, the cradle lifts my belly off of my pelvis and relieves my back pain. I put this under my clothes and I don’t even feel it on throughout the day. I am five feet tall and average around 140 pounds pre pregnancy and I ordered a size small. Highly recommend this one!!

My husband surprised me at week 18 with belly buds! This is around the time the kids started developing their hearing and I am such a music guru so this was right up my ally. I plug the buds in to my iPhone and the babies and I listen to some jams… Frankie Vallie, Hall & Oats, Donna Summer, etc. The belly buds also come with an app called Voice Share. This app has cute lullabies and audio books for the babies also.

Lastly, it took me a minute to find the appropriate undergarments, but good ol’ Amazon is where it was at. Let’s start with the maternity underwear, super soft and low cut so it sits under the belly. I have tried some over the belly undies thinking it would feel more like Spanx support but instead they just kept rolling down. My boobs have grown ten fold and instead of just sizing up in my bras I ordered nursing bras. The support is phenomenal and I will continue to use them once the babies arrive. I have a lot of baby doll dresses as a go to also so I got these great bike shorts off of amazon too! The shorts are extremely comfortable and helps prevent chaffing.

If there is any product that stood out to you in this post , click on them and it will bring you right to the page! Happy Shopping!

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