Letters from my Sons.

I have loved the connection I have been having with my sons. Around 14 weeks I was able to feel their movements and now I am on week 23 and you can feel them subtly on the outside. The movements still aren’t enough for everyone around me to feel, and it seems as though they only kick when my hand is on my belly.

Without feeling any movements or being able to come to doctors appointments, it is easy for there to be a disconnect between the kids and their dad and grandparents, so I decided to get my kids involved in some cute ways to make everyone feel like they are in the loop during this pregnancy.

One of my favorite apps is What to Expect when Expecting. I get super excited every Wednesday to see which vegetable my kids will be compared to and their latest developments. After getting the latest update I compose a text to daddy and grandparents from the kids to let them know where they are at! It has been super fun to give them a voice, and now that we are halfway through, we almost feel as though we know them as crazy as that sounds !

Another idea I came up with are letters I wrote to the grandparents when we hit the half way mark. The letter explained how happy they are that there are 20 weeks down and only 20 more to go until they get to meet them. They also thanked them for everything they have done to help mommy and daddy along the way so far.

I would not have thought to go this route if the times were different and we were able to celebrate together more, but I am so happy I did. It has been fun, not only for them to receive, but for me to compose. The goal is to form a strong bond with the boys from conception on, not just when they make it in to the world.

I strongly suggest this cute idea for moms to be. It has been one of the funnest things I have done throughout my pregnancy, and there are a million ways to twist it to make it yours. Have fun with it and always remember, even though we are carrying the babies .. there is always someone around trying to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for us and they deserve a shout out too !

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