Is it 5 o’clock yet?

As a hairdresser, my hair style is constantly changing. Right before I became pregnant, I cut my hair in to a bob. Once I realized I was going to be at my max pregnancy during the summer, I immediately regretted that decision! I have heard that your hair is at its best due to all the extra hormones so I was looking forward to the rapid growth and the thickness due to less shedding.

What I did not know was I was going to develop a new 5 o’clock shadow. It started with this one long black hair on the left of my jaw that I was able to stay on top of and occasionally pluck. Then.. all of a sudden .. a goatee!!!! Worst part is .. there is nowhere to get waxed! Side note , I purchased the sally Hansen self wax strips and they work great!

Ladies, we are not going to feel our sexiest with all this extra hair in weird places but try your best to embrace it and laugh at it!

Below is a selfie of myself, it may not be exactly what I look like .. but it is how I feel.

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