Celebrating Hump Day

Happy Wednesday !! What better way to celebrate hump day, then to explain to you how it is to have sex while pregnant. Let us start with the first trimester when you would think to yourself , it has to be pretty much the same, there isn’t even a bump. I found it to be the worst time yet. I was sick all of the time , so getting in any position where I was on top only gave me motion sickness. I was so tired that when it came to laying on my side , I would just fall asleep before he even got it in. All fours seemed to work , monumental to me to since that’s how my kids were conceived ! Let me not even get started on my bleeding gums.. weren’t good for any kind of foreplay.

Now we are in the second trimester with a massive bump. The phrase “over the hill” is taking on a whole new meaning. I have heard before that your libido will increase due to pregnancy , it is true , but why couldn’t that have happened to me when I was mobile? This is another one of God’s funny tricks.

So, our room is pitch black and one night I was really feeling myself , so I whipped off my shirt and got in to missionary. Without the visual of my bump, I had the idea that we can get right in to it and almost forget for the moment that it exists.. until he couldn’t reach my face to kiss me , and the pressure of him leaning on on me caused a shortage in my airways.

This is a wild life representation of what it was like.

There were many different attempts until we figured out what worked best for us , but in the meantime it was just me and my husband in a pitch black room hysterically laughing and occasionally kissing. Sometimes I miss that first year romance , but this has way more meaning and passion and I would not trade it for the world.

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