A walk through my Registry

I was looking forward to going to Buy Buy Baby and registering in person , but due to the stores being closed, I had to do my whole registry from the couch. Before I dove in, I made sure I had all the advice I can possibly get from other twins moms, read books with all great tips, and attended the Twiniversity class. Let me start by saying…no , you do not have to register for two of everything. That was a huge load off. This registry also has a lot of great items on there for single pregnancies also!

I decided to register with Babylist. I am so happy this is the route I took because there wasn’t one store that had all of the twin stuff we needed , we had to shop around. This site allows you to shop all different stores and combine it on to one page for everyone to see. Babylist has stores such as BuyBuy Baby, Target, Carters, Pottery Barn, Etsy , and many more!


Sleeping arrangements : For the first couple of months I will have the babies in the twin ez fold bassinet. I went with one bassinet with a divider in between the babies instead of one bassinet for each. Once they are ready for the crib, I have purchased two separate cribs. Both cribs are convertible and will grow with each child in to their toddler years. I won’t know If they will be in to sleeping with each other in the same crib until they come but I am not opposed to it. In that case I registered for two doc a tots. This is a mini pillow bed that will prevent them from rolling on top of each other in their sleep. I will also keep the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Playard in the living room that has two bassinets inside so they can have a place to nap during the day while friends and family visit.

What you will need one of: You will need one swing, play mat, activity center, and infant chair. You will just rotate the babies. You will only need one changing station and changing Pad, but you will need 115 diapers a week!

Items that fold: since I live in New York and I do not have a ton of space, I registered for everything I possibly can that folds up. The twin Ez fold bassinet folds up, which is a nice option for travel. Their two jumpers fold away , I was super in to this because while they nap and go to bed at night I can put them away and clear some space in my home. Our chicco quick seat high chair snaps right on to the table so the kids can eat with us , and even better , they also fold up so we can take them to restaurants , peoples homes , etc.

Car seats : For the beginning stage , we will start off with two infant car seats (chicco KeyFit 30) , and two extra basses to go in to my husbands car. Since this is a short period in their life I did not register for four. To go with the car seats , we also added the Baby Trend Snap and Go stroller. This stroller is super light weight and you can strap the car seats right to it. It will also come in handy when we leave the hospital… we will roll out. Once they grow out of their infant car seat, we will then have the grow with me car seats from infant to toddler (Graco 4ever DLX Convertible Car Seat). For those, we registered for four.

Feeding: Since I plan on breast feeding, there were a ton of things I added to my registry to help me with success. I am going to get my pump free through insurance, but I still added storage containers for the fridge. Another item which will be helpful, is the hands free breast pumping bra. On top of all the different items for the pump, I have organic bamboo nursing pads so I can wash and reuse , and lansinoh organic nipple cream. I have already been using my twin Z feeding pillow as a body pillow! It as multi – uses , along with feeding the kids on the pillow, you can also prop them up in it and they can relax and chill. Another option for feeding pillow is the breast friend pillow. This wraps around your waist and is sturdier then the twin Z pillow, it also comes with a cup holder to keep a water bottle. Important to stay hydrated while feeding! If breast feeding isn’t successful for me, I also registered for the baby brezza. This machine is like a Keurig for babies and makes the bottle to perfect temperature in one minute. This will be set up on my counter from day one incase the breast really aren’t working , it is nice to have another option handy without stress of how your going to feed your baby. I also went with the Dr. brown bottles, they are said to be the next best thing to the breast. The nipple on the bottle is most similar to yours and it allows the milk to come out in a slow feed.

Stroller. There are many options as to which stroller will be the best. You can either go tandem stroller or side by side. With the classes I have taken, they sold me on the side by side stroller. It will be nice to have a visual of my two kids, easier to feed them together, and once they are big enough to hop in, it will be easier for them to get in to by themselves and they will be side by side to chit chat and share snacks. The width was a concern until I read that the stroller will be the same width as a wheelchair. Not Bad! If I know I will be going to somewhere with tight spaces , I will always have the option of having one baby in the carrier and the other in a single stroller. I did not register for single stroller, the usage will be so minimal, I went with a hand me down. Unfortunately, I do not know if this carriage is going to be the best option for us until we are living it with the kids and strolling around. If we decide it isn’t for us we will sell immediately and go for what is right, I will keep you updated ! Here is the stroller we are going with for now – Bugaboo 2015 Donkey Twin Stroller

I will write a future blog for when the kids come about what is working best for us, in the meantime our registry is a great way to get you started and to have majority of the tools you will need for success. Below I have attached the book that has helped us navigate what to register for.

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