Grandparents – the real MVP’s

Let’s face it , being pregnant is a beautiful and exciting time in our lives but it also gets hard to navigate at times. I am the kind of personality that runs in circles and likes things a certain way. I was solely in charge of dinner, laundry, cleaning, and working. My husband always offers to help but they were things I enjoyed to do, the busier I was the easier it was for me to stay on top of it all.

Things had to change and it took a while for me to accept it. I couldn’t accomplish all that I wanted to with the exhaustion I was facing! Hairdressing is not essential ( although many wish otherwise) so I was able to take a huge step back when I was ordered to stay home. I thought that would be enough rest for me , but it wasn’t! I still found myself overly exhausted every day. Waking up , making the bed, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, and going for walks were all major was driving me nuts.

When I dropped my stubbornness and started accepting the help from my mother and mother – in – law , things started to pick up. My mom would stock my fridge and do my laundry and my mother – in – law would send home cooked meals over at least once a week along with toilet paper and paper towels. I couldn’t be more grateful for their personalities to just do, because I was never going to ask.

Now that I am in my second trimester I am able to pick up the slack again and it feels good to take back over , but I know it will get hard again once the kids come , and having the support system that I do lessens the anxiety of it all.

Also, shoutout to my dad , when I was at my lowest , all I could eat was an everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a red gatorade. One Saturday morning , he left the bagel and gatorade on my stoop along with two large Hershey kisses … a kiss for each of his grandkids! That little act of kindness will always stick out to me.

I am lucky to have my parents and my in laws in my life but my kids are even luckier to have them as grandparents!

2 thoughts on “Grandparents – the real MVP’s

    1. Loving this whole idea. You will truly be a inspiration to future identical twinner moms. Can’t wait for next installment!


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