The three things I have lost.

We have made it to the second trimester! (taking a small moment for victory dance) It is true when they say, once you hit 14 weeks you will feel like a whole new human. I gained my appetite back, my energy, I can breathe again, and I have a cute belly! Along with all the wonderful things I have gained, there were three major things I have lost.

  1. MY MIND! – pregnancy brain is such a real thing. I have 0 retention of pretty much anything anyone tells me and I find myself doing the wackiest things! Since I was all excited about eating again I decided to whip up a lasagna. I was in such a good mood, I had my Frankie Vallie playing, I was putting together all my layers, I set my oven to preheat and I even allowed some time for myself to relax on the couch. The moment I sat down I thought to myself , this is perfect , another 40 minutes until I take the food out of the oven just in time before my husband gets hangry… and then I propped my feet up. Once the timer was up, in the most confident state I jumped up to take the lasagna out of the oven , only to find it sitting on the stove , I never put it in !!!!! The following day I finished a cup of milk got up to put it in the kitchen sink and I found myself placing it in the bathroom sink. My husband won’t let me forget the time I made meatballs , I wondered to myself why they were so bland and then realized I forgot all of the ingredients, I just added beef, egg, and bread crumb , no flavor. He has the patience of a saint.

2. VISUAL OF MY FEET .. There was really no love lost here, I never had pretty feet. The downside is I have a hard time keeping track of how long my toenails are getting and by the time I remember to clip them it is a project. Hubbies way of helping me out is by clipping them and I have to immediately vacuum the toenail shreds off of his clothing. I am not sure this was in the wedding contract, but if he brings it up at any point I will tell him he forgot to read the fine print.

3. CONTROL OVER MY BLADDER. I am sorry but am I not even allowed to laugh anymore? It also seems to be that every time I finally get comfortable my bladder finds itself appropriate to be uncomfortably full. Bad timing to be having such issues since toilet paper is such a hot item these days. To top it all off , allergies .. I have to sneeze constantly , so therefore I pee myself a little every time. Exciting times. As I am writing this part I am practicing my kegels in hopes it will get better.

  • All in all the second trimester has been absolutely wonderful. The visibility of my ever growing stomach has been so comforting and feeling my babies moving and grooving is a something I can not quite explain but it is so magical. Our bodies , although feel super weird at times , are such a remarkable blessing. I used to never feel skinny enough , or tall enough, my hair is never as long as I want it .. but after this experience and seeing my body forming two little humans from scratch , I will never body shame myself again. This body only deserves to be loved.

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