So, like I mentioned in my first post , I was almost sure I was having twins because my grandmother was a twin. When I was getting all my symptoms so fast I did a little research and learned that only the female carries the gene. Now I was even more confident that this was the case – in a family of all men , I am the only female , besides my mom (who didn’t have twins). It was my turn. When we went to the doctor and she confirmed there were two, she wasn’t sure yet if they were in separate sacs or not since I was only 7 weeks in. Since I already googled and assumed I was a doctor , I figured they were fraternal boy/girl twins just like my grandma. My mom came with me for 14 week anatomy scan ( the last appointment I was allowed to bring visitors to) and I was laying there , my technician surprised me with some news.

My children.. 2 sacs , one placenta ! One egg decided to become two , this had nothing to do with my grandmother! So now we are freaking out, all I keep thinking about are my two kids looking back at me with the same face. But wait .. there’s more.. she was also able to tell me the gender! I wasn’t sure what to do since my husband wasn’t with me so I called him immediately , he wanted to know right away so I made my mom leave the room so she wouldn’t know before him .. and boom .. zoomed right in on their penises. Some more boys to add to my all boy family. We were so thrilled. I understand boys more than girls even though I am one. For my husband , he never had a brother so he was excited to have two sons!

I still to this day can not believe this pregnancy had nothing to do with genetics. When I look at all my nieces and nephews , I think they are all so cute and cool .. they should have all been doubled. I know I am going to have double the finances , and when they cry together , it will be doubly stressful, but what I am most looking forward to is double the love. I can not wait until they laugh together, console each other, celebrate together, but most importantly love each other .. I hope there will be room for me !

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