Does anyone need a landscaper?

As I expressed in my last post, I have lost visual of my feet. With the loss of my feet , I also lost my vagina. With Memorial Day around the corner and the pool opening up I was very concerned about an unkept bikini line. Unfortunately, I do not have current access to any European Wax Center. So what does one do? Well, at first I was reaching down and going in blind. This was working okay , I think, but it deff wasn’t the most comfortable option.

It was time to call in some reinforcements, my lovely mother. I am still having a hard time figuring out what was crazier.. asking her to shave my goods , or the fact that she didn’t even blink an eye? Either way this was definitely a memory for the books !

Live footage .. we were laughing so hard I was scared I was going to pee on her !

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