Put a lime in your Corona

This is going to be my least favorite blog to write, but it is playing a huge role in the experience of my first pregnancy. As you saw in my last post, I was suffering with anxiety from making sure my pregnancy makes it to the second trimester, right when that calmed down, I was handed Covid-19 problems. My baby belly just so happened to have popped the weekend before the stay at home order was in place. I was super excited to start wearing my maternity clothes and show off my bump to family, friends, and clients. This is the cute fun pregnancy I always dreamed about and just like that I was being told I can not see anyone. My heart was breaking left and right for mothers giving birth alone without their husbands, new mothers who had to keep their bundle of joy inside instead of showing them off to the world, and mothers like me .. pregnant, confused, and alone.

I will say, the doctors have been doing a fantastic job on keeping their offices clean while having a 6 foot order in place. Chairs were taped off and there was a method to keeping us all safe. It did take a minute for me to get used to going alone and sitting there with a mask on. Every single time, no matter how down the situation gets me, the second I see my kids on the screen, all is right in the world. The sound of my boys heartbeats was almost like a song I wanted to get up and dance to.


Another problem I was facing was getting my husband connected to the kids without seeing them as much as I was through sonograms. This is when I officially made the decision to sign us up for twin classes. I was on the fence at first because each class was pretty pricey, but when all said and done, it was worth every single penny. Our first class that we took together was Twinversity with Natalie Diaz. She offers a great two night class, for us, it would have been held at a restaurant on Mott street with dinner and a take home bag of $100 worth of goodies. Since we weren’t able to go, we had a two night class on zoom and still received our package in the mail! She covered many important topics while keeping it light and fun. The best part is, between the two nights there was no news and no upsetting distractions, just us and our fellow expectant twin parents. Two weeks later we took a zoom class with Carriage House Birth. This was another very educational class, giving us enough knowledge to be ahead of the game when the kids come. The best part was my husband was able to finally feel involved and excited and I was able to take a couple of hours to focus my energy on the most blessed time in my life.

Corona is still an issue but I have learned to cope. I am grateful for the opportunity to stay well rested and hydrated. I have been able to enjoy every moment of every kick and wiggle I feel in my womb. I pray the hospital situation will be better by the time these boys are ready to come, but more importantly, I pray for those on the frontlines .. without them there would be no hope. To all my expectant mothers , stay calm , stay healthy , the light at the end of the tunnel are our precious babies.

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