14 weeks, 98 days, 2352 hours

The first trimester felt like an eternity. I was super excited about bringing not one but two babies in to the world, although my body was telling me otherwise. I was sick every morning. I wanted to eat all the time but hated everything. If my husband made eye contact with me the devil was looking back. To top it all off, I added anxiety to the list of problems when I fell in to the dark internet hole of google. Every morning I would type in to the search engine, “what could go wrong with my twin pregnancy?” I am not going to tell you the wild responses I was reading, what I am going to tell you is , it is simply not worth it. What I have learned later down the road is.. it is 2020 , there is a solution to every problem.

DO NOT STRESS. Anyway, there I was stressing out like an amateur. On top of having multiple out of body experiences and killing my husband, my body figure just didn’t make sense. Am I bloated? , is this excess water weight? If I wear these tight jeans will I squish my babies? I can also go on and on about the state of my boobs. The soreness was unreal , the nipples were more sensitive than my personality, and eventually just one boob was the exact same size as my 2 year old nephews head. The congestion was also on another level..breathing was a luxury. Towards the end I finally figured it all out, my nausea was the new hunger pain and if I ate mini snacks all day I wouldn’t get sick. To avoid throwing up in the morning , I simply had to eat before I brushed my teeth, and the tiredness requires rest , but adding a ton of more water in to my life gave me a little more pep to my step. If I figured that all out sooner, those first 10 weeks would have been smoother, so learn from my mistakes. In my life, food is always the answer to all my problems, so I read this book I have attached a link to at the end of this blog. It has a ton of great recipes in order to keep you and the babies strong, and a lot of great information that your doctors will give you , that goes in to more detail. The first trimester has come to an end, my placenta has taken over and is now doing the job , and what a difference 14 weeks makes!

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