From Conceiving to Believing

Like most , my husband and I absolutely love Christmas. During the holiday season in 2019, and after being married for one and a half years, we have decided it was time to start our family. Hearing Michael Buble on the radio singing Christmas tunes was a real mood setter for me. My periods were very regular so it was easy for me to calculate my menstrual cycle. Even though I was very in tune with my body and when I ovulate, I also decided to go the next step and purchase the ovulation stick. When all was ready to go my husband Nick had me in all fours for the boy! As long as he was doing his part I didn’t care what position I was in, I was willing to go upside down if I had to!

We conceived on Christmas Day and immediately after I was punched in the face with symptoms.. cramping , headaches , nausea and morning sickness. I was googling pregnancy symptoms constantly and most sites told me I wouldn’t feel the symptoms until 2 weeks after conception. I was almost positive I was pregnant but then started double guessing myself and didn’t want to get it in my head that I was. Five days before my husband and I took an early pregnancy test and the second pink line was very faded but visible and I was still nervous to believe that I was pregnant. I was also super excited at the possibility that I was and we decided to tell our whole family anyway. Once I missed my period, I immediately made my doctors appointment for 7 weeks out. The night before my doctors appointment , I sat my husband down and told him I had this gut feeling we were having twins. My grandmother was a twin so the thought wasn’t so far fetched, and I was feeling everything so strong so fast. We were two minutes in to my internal sonogram and boom , two little blobs , two little heart beats.

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